Votes cast in referendum on King’s Cliffe radioactive waste plans

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AN overwhelming majority of people have backed their parish councils in opposing plans to dump low level radioactive waste.

Protest group Local Democracy in Action organised the referendum yesterday for 12 villages over plans by Augean to dump the waste at its site in Stamford Road, King’s Cliffe. One more village, Yarwell, is yet to vote.

An overwhelming 98 per cent of villagers who went to the polls wanted their parish councils to strongly object to the radioactive waste dumping plans.

There was an overall turnout of 46 per cent, with 1,696 answering yes to whether they wanted their parish council to “strongly object” to the disposal of radioactive, nuclear, waste in the King’s Cliffe landfill and only 36 people answering no.

The aim of the referendum was to send it to government minister Eric Pickles, who is due to make a decision in May on the plans following a planning inquiry in November.

Chris Leuchars from the protest group said: “The choice of referendums was made because Mr Pickles is currently attempting to steer his Localism Bill through Parliament.

“It is assumed that this demonstration of localism will give him the opportunity to show that he is sincere about devolving planning decisions to local communities.”

Augean said it was awaiting the outcome of the public inquiry.