Walter Dowse

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Walter Dowse of Rippingale, died at the Cedars Care Home, Bourne, aged 94. The funeral service was conducted by the Rev David Creasey at Grantham Crematorium.

Family mourners included: Keith Dowse, son (representing Tom and family and Phoebe), Peter Dowse, son.

Sympathisers included: Muriel Ablewhite (Pauline, Elizabeth and family), Chris Ablewhite, David Dowse, David Thorpe (Susan Thorpe), Michael Exton (Julie Exton, Sally, Tim and family), Olive Ablewhite, Terry Redshaw (Elaine Redshaw), Shirley and William Hinks, Hilary and Frank Pell (family), Philip and Anne Taylor, David and Maureen Suddaby, Gordon Wells, Hilary and Brian Wilkinson (Lizzy Buttery), Rob and Pauline Redshaw, Margaret Clark (Robert, Rachel, David), Sue Atkinson (Eben, Sue, Richard and William Green, Michael Mills), Mrs Clark (M Scarborough, Mr and Mrs N Gray), Roy Pitts, Pansy Pitts, Ken and Kate Exton, Iris Clark (Richard Clark, Valerie and Ian and Lucy Cooke), Alan Pitts (family, Vonny Pitts), Mr and Mrs P Walton (family), Mr N Pitts, Mrs R Pitts, David Johnson (family), Bill Johnson (family), Gordon and Pat Taylor (Shirley Flatters), Sheila Gray (Gary Gray, Karl Gray, Maddie Gray, Stacey Gray), Peter Newcomb (Sandra and boys and dad Tarsh Newcomb),