Warning after dog attack on horse near Stamford

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A WOMAN has urged dog owners to keep their pets on leads after her horse was attacked.

Mandy Brophy, 32, of Ryhall Road, Great Casterton was out with her three-year-old horse Bertie in a private field near Road End Farm in Toll Bar between Stamford and Great Casterton.

She was long-reigning the horse, walking about two metres behind it, when a brown dog ran up.

Mandy said: “What looked like a Staffordshire bull terrier came out of nowhere and started trying to bite the horse’s feet.

“Bertie was pulling away but the dog kept attacking. The horse pulled me down to the ground and bolted.

“I didn’t see the dog’s owner.”

The dog was wearing a harness and was muzzled. Mandy suffered bruises on her hands and legs when she fell as Bertie bolted, but said the situation could have been much worse.

She added: “It was scary. The dog was loose and I didn’t know what he was going to do or whether it would go for me.

“If one of my children has been riding there could have been a serious accident. Dog owners have got to be sensible, dogs are not controllable when they are not on the lead.”

Mandy said she was now much more wary of dogs when out with her horses.

Emma Cooper, 41, who owns the stubble field, arrived just as the dog ran off and called the police and a South Kesteven District Council dog warden.

She said: “People seem to think they can let their animals roam freely without any supervision.

“Mandy was long-reigning the horse from the ground. If she was sitting on him she could have been thrown.”

South Kesteven District Council’s head of environmental services, Dave Banks, said: “If dog owners are not sure how their dog will respond to other animals or they can’t control them then they should be kept on a lead when out walking in public areas.”

Police are asking anyone who might know the identity of the dog’s owner to come forward.

If you have any information please call 0300 111 0300.