Water rates are the best in the country

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Severn Trent Water customers get the best value for money in Britain, with the announcement on Tuesday that its bills are the lowest in the country, and will stay that way right through to 2020.

The company has also pledged to invest £6.2bn over the next five years to improve services, including fixing leaks quicker, reducing sewer flooding and improving the quality of rivers and the environment.

Severn Trent Water customers have enjoyed the lowest average bills for the last six years. In 2015/16 the average unmetered household bill is reducing by 1.2 per cent, whilst the average metered household bill is reducing by 5 per cent, which means, overall, the average customer bill will be £329.

Severn Trent chief executive officer Liv Garfield said: “We’re proud to say that we have the best value in Britain. We spoke to lots of our customers when putting our plans together and what they said is that, whilst they want low bills, they also want great service and value for money, so we think we have the right plan to achieve all of this. We’re putting an even greater focus on fixing leaks, reducing the number of times we interrupt our customers’ water supply and reducing sewer flooding.”

Severn Trent Water serves the majority of Rutland, apart from a small area in the east of the county including Ketton, which is served by Anglian Water. Anglian Water customers will see their annual bill drop by £29 on average after it announced prices for the coming year will come down by 7 per cent. The average annual bill will reduce to £402 per year, or £1.10 per day. Customers with a water meter will see their average bill drop to £371.