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Rutland business people reassured over 'no deal' Brexit

Rutland businesspeople have been reassured about the impact of a 'no deal' Brexit.

Conservative MP Mark Harper told Rutland Biz Club it was 'nonsense' to say 'no deal' would be a calamity.

It just meant there was no settled withdrawal agreement, and trade deals and future relationships can still be settled.

Mark Harper MP at the Rutland Biz Club (15782249)
Mark Harper MP at the Rutland Biz Club (15782249)

The Forest of Dean MP urged the EU to stop trying to frustratethe UK's departure and to accept it.

The UK, however, must better show the EU what it can bring to the table, including being the largest military power in Europe, second only to the US in NATO, the largest national security apparatus and the fifth largest economy in the world.

The MP said the 2016 referendum was not about leaving Europe, but about leaving the European Union, which is not the same thing. The UK belongs to many European bodies including the Council of Europe, so it would still sit around the table with our European partners, just not at the EU table.

He concluded: “I voted remain, but I am a democrat and believe MPs must put the country first and remember who we work for – the voters. We must deliver Brexit because that’s what they voted for.

"We are going to have to play hardball with the EU and if we do, I think we will get a good deal. Will it be easy, no, will it be bumpy yes, can we do it, yes, we can.”

Biz Club President Geoffrey Pointon said: “I believe this is the best speech the Biz Club has heard on Brexit as it was balanced and fair. It was also good to hear Mark dismiss any fears of a no deal Brexit as ‘nonsense,’ and to hear a sense of optimism for the future.”

The Biz Club meets on the third Friday of each month for a lunch at The Falcon Hotel in Uppingham, with a visiting speaker to encourage enterprise and stimulate dialogue between politicians and businesspeople. It also hosts its own annual awards.

For more information visit www.thebizclub.co.uk

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