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Week nine: Stamford Apprentice candidate Khadija Kalifa is saved as Lord Sugar says he likes turning "small acorn businesses into oak trees"

Stamford cleaning entrepreneur Khadija Kalifa once again narrowly escaped being fired on BBC's The Apprentice as Lord Sugar showed his softer side.

In a surprise, high-flying candidate Jackie was fired as the business magnate told remaining candidates Khadija and Camilla that his passion was seeing small businesses grow from acorns into oak trees and that Jackie was "already a semi oak tree".

The team lost by just £130 of sales after being tasked with selling products on a television shopping channel.

Next week, the candidates are tasked with making chocolates for a Christmas market.

Our live updates are below.

9.55pm: Claude describes Jackie as "quite manipulative and quite brilliant" while Camilla is called naive by Karren. Meanwhile, questions are raised over Khadija's leadership style. As the girls return to the boardroom, they all make impassioned pleas to Lord Sugar. He replies that "lives are changed" by this process. Jackie tells Lord Sugar she's looking for a mentor on a different level to what she currently operates at. Camilla tells Lord Sugar of her nut free product. Khadija tells Lord Sugar her business is small and says her personality gets more custom. She says she hasn't paid herself a wage in three years.

Summarising Lord Sugar says he has concerns about the scalability of Camilla's business; whether he will enjoy working alongside Jackie as his passions is in seeing businesses grow; and that he's concerned about Khadija's aggressive attitude.

"I don't like people who shove people into positions," he tells Jackie. "I like seeing businesses grow from acorns to oak trees and I think you're already a semi-oak tree." Jackie is fired.

"Small businesses is what I like," he says as he saves Khadija and Camilla. They return to the house.

9.50pm: Lord Sugar tells Khadija she had "all the charm of a debt collector" as a presenter and asks if she's aggressive. She gets emotional as she tells Lord Sugar she believes she is genuine and loving and says other candidates are playing a game. "I'm kind, I'm not aggressive and I've got a big heart," she says. She accuses Jackie of putting forward Tom as project manager to put him in the firing line.

Camilla tells Lord Sugar she had no back up from Jackie as she gave the presenters instructions and decided whether to drop the prices on products.

9.45pm: Camilla and Khadija believe Jackie "tactically" put Tom in the position of project manager, as the girls turn on one another. "I tried one million per cent to sell," Khadija says. "I tried my hardest."

9.40pm: Lord Sugar tells Khadija she "looked like she'd been eaten by Mick Jagger" when she tested out the inflatable lounger. He describes the team's promotional video as "not bad". But Khadija and co lose by just £130 of sales. Lord Sugar immediately tells Tom it's his third loss as project manager and says he's given him "every single opportunity" to prove what he's got and Tom is fired before asked who will be brought back to the boardroom. The girls are told "don't get too excited" as they're sent away to come up with the reasons why they shouldn't also be in the firing line.

9.35pm: Meanwhile, the channel refuses to screen the opposing team's promotional video for a cleaning product which normally sells out. But they sell a pair of the expensive earrings. It's back to the boardroom for both teams to find out the outcome from Lord Sugar.

9.30pm: Khadija's first words on air are curse words and her appearance is somewhat chaotic. Karren Brady describes Khadija as "looking like she was in pain half the time" while co-presenter Tom "looked like he didn't know what he was doing". Afterwards, Tom says he was "really happy" with the performance.

9.15pm: Khadija says that if she and Tom are having a good time, viewers will do too and buy into that. The team chooses a hair curler, teeth whitening product and an inflatable chair as products to sell. On the opposite side, the alternative team select an expensive pair of earrings as one of their products.

9.10pm: The teams are tasked with choosing products and selling it on live television channels. Khadija is with Jackie, Tom and Camilla on Team Collaborative - and Tom is nominated as project manager. Khadija and Tom are on the presenting side, while Jackie and Camilla head off to pick products to sell. The girls all admit to having bought products on shopping channels.

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