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Week six: Khadija narrowly escapes being fired as she's brought back to the boardroom on BBC's The Apprentice

Stamford's Khadija Kalifa narrowly escaped being fired on tonight's episode of BBC's The Apprentice as Lord Sugar warned her he can't work with disruptive people.

In tonight's episode, Team Collaborative's budget airline didn't fly high and lost.

Project manager Kurran brought back Camilla and Khadija into the boardoom but was fired himself.

Lord Sugar warned both girls he expected more of them as they were saved.

He told Khadija, who owns Eco Cleaning Company: "I do think you are a bit disruptive and I can't work with someone who is disruptive.

"You don't get many second chances in this boardroom."

Khadija, who runs a cleaning firm based in Peterborough, has had a loss in week one, wins in weeks two (when she was project manager) and three, a loss in week four and a win last week, which saw Team Typhoon win by more than £20,000 of sales after being tasked with designing a shoe brand. In tonight's episode the teams were swapped around with Khadija moving to Team Collaborative.

Next week, the teams are challenged to set up their own urban garden businesses.

Khadija Kalifa Photo: BBC (5286659)
Khadija Kalifa Photo: BBC (5286659)

Follow our live updates during the episode tonight, in which the teams have to come up with a marketing campaign for a new budget airline.

Live updates

9.55pm: Claude Littner tells Lord Sugar that Kurran "dismissed" Khadija too easily. "My speaking up is only ever because I'm passionate," Khadija said. Lord Sugar tells her she's argumentative. "The difference between me and you Kurran is I own a business and you're an actor." It descends into an argument between Kurran and Khadija as he makes a last-ditch plea to stay.

"I do think you are a bit disruptive and I can't work with someone who is disruptive," Lord Sugar says. "You don't get many second chances in this boardroom and Kurran you've got to admit I've given you a good opportunity," says Lord Sugar. Kurran is fired.

Lord Sugar saves the girls but tells them he wants to see more.

9.50pm: "I think I've been very reserved and dignified but if they put any blame on me for an excitable squeal, I'll be making sure I tell everyone exactly how it is," resolves Khadija, as she heads back to the team. The girls who designed the outfit say it was an oversight as Karren Brady scolds them, saying: "Stewardesses main role is the safety of the passenger, not dressing up as a dolly bird."

Lord Sugar says he "doesn't get" the advert. Kurran maintains it's a good advert, while Lord Sugar argues it's "rubbish". Kurran brings back into the boardoom Camilla and Khadija - saying it's down to "low-levels of contribution".

9.45pm: Turbulence in the boardroom. Lord Sugar doesn't like the outfit designed for the cabin crew and raises an issue with the 'pop' aspect. Lord Sugar selects Team Typhoon as the winning team. Their treat is a trip to an exclusive May Fair restaurant. Meanwhile, Khadija and co head to the cafe to discuss what went wrong. He believes the team neglected to look at their product from the consumer's point of view during the task.

9:35pm: Khadija is watching from the sidelines as Team Collaborative pitch their budget airline: Jet Pop. The industry experts think the name and logo could have connotations of an explosion. It's back to the boardroom for both teams as the experts report back to Lord Sugar.

9:30pm: Kurran leads the editing of the advert, running into difficulties with Khadija and Daniel. He then opts to pitch to 300 airline employees and a panel of industry experts, alongside Daniel and Jackie.

9.15pm: Daniel, Khadija and Kurran are filming the advert. Kurran has come up with a new concept for the advert, which both Daniel and Khadija raising concerns over the decision to change from the original idea. Kurran is directing the advert, which is being filmed on a beach.

9.05pm: The teams are told on the runway at London City Airport that their task for week six is to come up with a marketing campaign for a new budget airline, creating a brand, TV advert and design airline uniforms. The brands will then be pitched to marketing experts. Khadija is moved to Team Collaborative along with two other candidate. Last week's under fire candidate Kurran is made project manager of Team Collaborative by Lord Sugar, telling the team: "Everything I've done in my life is leading up to this moment." The team select party-goers as their target market. Meanwhile, Sabrina is project manager of Team Typhoon.

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