Weight loss drives Anita to open Slimming World group

Anita Fogarty pictured at Stamford Free Church
Anita Fogarty pictured at Stamford Free Church
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A WOMAN who has lost almost three stones is preparing to open her second slimming group.

Anita Fogarty, 40, of Fraser Close, Deeping St James, set up her first Slimming World class in Stamford more than a month ago and hasn’t looked back.

Losing weight has transformed Anita’s life, and given her the drive to help others.

She has gone from 16st 11lbs to 13st 12.5lbs in just 14 months.

Anita said: “Going from a size 20 to 22 to a 16 to 18 has made such a difference to me, which is why I decided to help others and become a consultant myself.”

Anita’s current group meets at Stamford Free Church, in Kesteven Road, Stamford, on a Tuesday evening - and now she is making plans for her second class.

She said: My first group is going really well, which is why I’ve decided to set up another. I’m hoping to open my next group on a Saturday morning.”

Anita has tried many diets in the past but said Slimming World is different because it isn’t a diet - it is simply a lifestyle change which involves healthy eating.

She said: “It is all about eating healthily and portion control, but I can still have treats too, like alcohol and chocolate. Nothing is banned, which is great because I love my food.”

Anita decided to slim down after seeing a picture of herself on holiday.

She said: “I then took the decision to lose weight and improve my health.

“I can see just how much a difference my lifestyle change has made looking at recent pictures now.”