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Rutland columnist Allan Grey looks at the strange world of phobias and shares his new one

There is an inexhaustible number of phobias that us 21st Century people can suffer from, writes Rutland columnist Allan Grey.

Some phobias are very well known, like agrophobia, the fear of open spaces, claustrophobia, the fear of enclosed spaces, or ergophobia, something I suffer from increasingly these days, the fear of work. There are phobias most people will have never heard of, like xanthophobia, the fear of the colour yellow, or subxanthophobia, the fear of yellow submarines, or nomophobia, something most people under 35 unknowingly suffer from, the fear of being without their smart phone. Then there’s decidophobia, something else I suffer from, the fear of making a decision. The lovely lady will ask me during the evening: “Are you cycling, walking, having coffee with your septuagenarian buddies, or writing another of your inane articles for the Rutland Times tomorrow?”

I’ll say: “Gosh, it’s much too early to take such a far reaching decision, I’ll need to sleep on it!”

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