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Bourne's history revealed in rare book

A book has been written about Bourne.

Author Anthony Jennings says not many books are written about Bourne, which is what gave him the idea to write a fundraising one for the town's civic society.

The 74-year-old had written a series of 50 articles for the Bourne Local newspaper from 2013 to 2018.

Anthony Jennings with his book (15095016)
Anthony Jennings with his book (15095016)

He then spent “an awful long time” substantially re-writing his previous articles, taking out what was now out-of-date or no longer relevant.

Anthony, who lives in Dowsby, confirmed: “It’s a very unique book. We have few books written about Bourne.”

The book, published by Bourne Civic Society, is part history book, part architectural book and part guide book.

Its central theme is the importance and desirability of the town’s built environment.

Anthony said in his introduction: “It is not always understood how much a market town benefits from a well-presented town centre. A place will not prosper unless it becomes and remains an attractive environment for residents and visitors alike, particularly at a time when our towns and cities face significant threats.”

Anthony looks at the listed buildings of Bourne, including its mud and stud buildings so prevalent in Lincolnshire. He moves forward to modern times and the Elsea Park development and out-of-town shopping.

Anthony, a retired lawyer who says “writing is very hard work but it keeps the mind active” has also written law books.

But he is best known for ‘The Old Rectory: The Story of the English Parsonage’, which came out in 2009, with a second edition last year. A further book, ‘The Parsonage’s Tale’ is due out shortly.

Bourne Civic Society bookshop is at Baldock's Mill, 21 South Street, Bourne. Some books can be bought atwww.bournecivicsociety.org.uk

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