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Who will be standing in your ward in the South Kesteven District Council elections?


Nominations are now closed and a full list of candidates for the South Kesteven District Council 2019 election on May 2 has been published.

Below is the list of candidates standing in each of the relevant wards, with the number of available seats indicated in brackets.

Standing in the Aveland Ward (one) are:

  • Moseley, Peter (Con)

Standing in the Bourne Austerby Ward (three) are:

  • Fellows, Paul (Ind)
  • Kingman, Jane (Con)
  • Mumby, Bob (Lab)
  • Reid, Robert (Con)
  • Smith, Ian (Lib Dem)
  • Sumner, Brian (Con)
  • Whitmore, Simon (Green)

Standing in the Bourne East Ward (two) are:

  • Knowles, Philip (Ind)
  • Marsden, James (Lab)
  • Reid, Julia (Con)
  • Smith, Judith (Con)

Standing in the Bourne West Ward (two) are:

  • Crawford, Helen (Con)
  • Gabbutt, Steve (Lab)
  • Johnson, Penny (Con)
  • Kelly, Anna (Ind)

Standing in the Casewick Ward (two) are:

  • Cooke, Kelham (Con)
  • Hare, Barry (Lab)
  • Trollope-Bellew, Rosemary (Con)

Standing in the Castle Ward (one) are:

  • Fowler, David
  • Podro, Harry (Lab)
  • Robins, Nick (Con)

Standing in the Deeping St James Ward (three) are:

  • Dilks, Philip (Ind)
  • Halfhide, Andy (Con)
  • Hosking, Hilary (Lab)
  • Stevens, Judy (Con)
  • Thomas, Jill (Con)

Standing in the Dole Wood Ward (one) is:

  • Dobson, Barry (Con)

Standing in the Glen Ward (one) are:

  • Beese, Patrick (UKIP)
  • Benn. Chris (Con)

Standing in the Market and West Deeping Ward (three) are:

  • Baxter, Ashley (Ind)
  • Brookes, Adam (Lib Dem)
  • Broughton, Bob (Con)
  • Lester, Wayne (Ind)
  • Moran, Virginia (Ind)
  • Neilson, Nick (Con)
  • Yarham, Josh (Con)

Standing in the Morton Ward (one) are:

  • Mumby, Edward (Lab)
  • Woolley, Sue (Con)

Standing in the Stamford All Saints Ward (two) are:

  • Exton, Mike (Con)
  • Griffin, Breda-Rae (Con)
  • Morphy, Nicolette (Lab)

Standing in the Stamford St George's Ward (two) are:

  • Campbell, Claire (Lab)
  • Couch, Maxine (Con)
  • Johnson, Gloria (Con)
  • Taylor, David Thomas (UKIP)
  • Wheeler, Amanda (Lib Dem)

Standing in the Stamford St John's Ward (two) are:

  • Carroll, Steve (Ind)
  • Dawson, John (Con)
  • Sandall, Susan (Con)
  • Smith, Brenda (Lab)

Standing in the Stamford St Mary's Ward (two) are:

  • Bisnauthsing, Harrish (Lib Dem)
  • Hughes, Deborah (Lab)
  • Lee, Matthew (Con)
  • Taylor, David John (Con)

Standing in the Toller Ward (one) is:

  • Hansen, Jan (Ind)
  • King, Mike (Con)

Ahead of the elections all candidates listed in contested wards above are invited to submit a profile, including a photograph, explaining why our readers should vote for you. This will be published in the newspaper relevant to the ward in which you’re standing before the election - either the Rutland & Stamford Mercury and it’s sister newspaper the Bourne Local or the Grantham Journal. This profile is strictly 200 words only and Stamford, Bourne or the Deepings area wards should be emailed to: smeditor@stamfordmercury.co.uk by no later than midday on Thursday, April 11. A high-res Jpeg photo of yourself of no less than 500kb should also be provided.

Any submissions that are over the word count will be cut to 200 words and we cannot guarantee the publication of any profile received after this strict deadline.

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