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Lincolnshire County Council candidates in 8 divisions covering Stamford, Bourne and the Deepings outline why you should vote for them

Before the elections on Thursday, May 6, the Rutland & Stamford Mercury wrote to every candidate standing for a Lincolnshire County Council seat in this area offering them the opportunity to write a 250-word profile outlining why you should vote for them.

There are at least two candidates standing in each of the eight electoral divisions, with Stamford West the most hotly


Bourne North and Morton

Barry Hare

Labour Party

Bourne North and Morton candidate Barry Hare (Lab)
Bourne North and Morton candidate Barry Hare (Lab)

I am standing for election to become your Labour county councillor for Bourne North and Morton.

I am Barry Hare, 54 years old and lived in Bourne North for 28 years, married to Kim for 31 years with two grown up children. I grew up in the Deepings, the son of a working-class Lincolnshire family Richard and June.

I am a train driver. I have been on the footplate for 36 years.

My life experiences have put me in good stead to understand the problems families face in these uncertain time’s.

My promises to you:

  • To scrutinise and challenge all council expenditure to ensure that monies spent or intended to be spent are used to benefit of all sectors of the community.
  • To improve local transport for people to live a more sociable, working and greener lifestyle, linking towns and villages to the larger cities.
  • To build good new social affordable homes, especially for our young, older, and single people.
  • To work together with the police and crime commissioner to reduce crime and substance abuse within our community.
  • To support the elderly and children with excellent social care and education including mental and domestic abuse.
  • To use council spending to grow the economy of local job for local people.

If elected I will be your voice for Bourne North and Morton.

Sue Woolley

Conservative Party

Bourne North and Morton candidate Sue Woolley (Con)
Bourne North and Morton candidate Sue Woolley (Con)

I would be honoured if you would consider re-electing me as your representative for Bourne North and Morton, at Lincolnshire County Council.

I love where I live and I know you do to so let’s work together to make sure we help our town and surrounding villages thrive and be the place where we want to grow old with our families.

I am delighted the county council has built new school classrooms in Bourne and is spending £6.5m to upgrade the Willoughby School. The Highways department have agreed to repair the A6121 on Stamford Hill, starting shortly.

I, together with residents, have campaigned to reduce the speed limit on A15 through the village of Morton to 30mph and we’ve finally won our battle.

Through the Covid-19 pandemic I am proud to have played a very small roll as an NHS volunteer, collecting shopping and prescriptions and having a weekly phone call with some of our lonely elderly residents.

I continue to be a member of Neighbourhood Watch and the Bourne and Billingborough Policing Panel.

I have always attended the meetings of my local parish and town councils sharing information and taking questions and queries back to the county council, fighting for our corner of Lincolnshire!

However, the greatest job satisfaction I get is helping residents resolve issues affecting them. Whether it’s trying to sort out a school place or helping with social care requests for the elderly and vulnerable.

I will always work for you.

Bourne South and Thurlby

Bob Mumby

Labour and Co-operative Party

Bourne South and Thurlby candidate Bob Mumby
Bourne South and Thurlby candidate Bob Mumby

I am 27 years old and have lived almost all of those years in Bourne and the surrounding villages. My family have lived in Lincolnshire for over a millennium, mostly as agricultural labourers. I have worked on farms myself, while I was at university, and more recently during the pandemic.

I also work for a translation company as a project manager, and before the pandemic was an Early Years Teacher teaching English in China. I believe the variety of the places I have worked, complements my local perspective.

As councillor, I would want to make myself a voice for those who have lost out from the pandemic and economic austerity. Whether thats advocating for private tentant’s rights, supporting the network of mutual aid organisations in our communities, or raising awareness of everyday abuse of key workers, you will always have my sympathy and solidarity.

I believe that transparency in the way the county council does its work is an overlooked issue in our area – too often the distinction between the responsibilities of overlapping parish, district and county councils are lost.

The double-hatting of Conservative county councillors on the South Kesteven District Council should be brought to attention due to SKDC’s failure to meet legal obligations to their 6000 tenants.

The Government’s Social Housing Regulator had to intervene, and it’s expected to take up to three years until SKDC is fully compliant. All the while, the district councillors responsible for this negligence continue to simultaneously sit on the county council.

Robert Reid

Conservative Party

Bourne South and Thurlby candidate Robert Reid
Bourne South and Thurlby candidate Robert Reid

I am honoured to be re-standing as your Conservative County Councillor for Bourne South, Thurlby, Toft, Lound, Manthorpe.

Living in the ward/division I will continue to care for our local community. As a district/parish councillor, believing in continuity and joined up approach.

Networking with local residents, traders, parish councils/councillors/local community groups. My slogan “For the love of Bourne” will see me fighting for our share of services.

Lincolnshire County Council Services are rated good/excellent, judged by independent inspectors. Successfully working with the NHS during the Covid 19 Pandemic, supporting the rollout of vaccinations in health centres and community centres. My community grant has shared funds with foodbank, Day Care, Meals on Wheels, Wake House, Thurlby Community Volunteers,Thurlby Post Office,ToolBar and Lincs First Responders. Education Funding has seen extensions to Elsea Park Primary School, also a much needed extension for Willoughby School.

With flooding issues, I personally investigated the actions of County Council and Water Boards for inspections and repair of drainage waterways/dykes.

The footpath linking West Road to Elsea Park is now completed; I continue pressing for a safe crossing of the A151 to Bourne Woods. New developments, with connectivity footpaths/cycle ways into the town.

Increased Police presence is coming by my constant lobbying of Marc Jones our Police and Crime Commissioner.

My persistence for proper road repairs/improvements for ongoing highways safety.

In voting for me you will have my total commitment and energy at LCC.

Colsterworth Rural

Bob Adams

Conservative Party

Colsterworth Rural candidate Bob Adams
Colsterworth Rural candidate Bob Adams

It has been a privilege and pleasure to represent the Colsterworth Rural division for the past eight years. I have met some amazing and dedicated people whose sole aim is to serve their communities and improve all aspects of their


Working with parish councils to improve village neighbourhoods and the environment will continue to be high on my agenda during the next four years. Many Parishes’ have initiated local volunteers to litter pick and this is an important activity to keep our neighbourhoods clean and tidy.

Maintaining local roads remains a top priority alongside major schemes such as the Grantham relief road. More needs to be done to improve the quality of pothole repairs and I will be working with colleagues to see how we can do better. Speeding in villages, particularly quarry lorries, is a major concern and once lockdown is over, and all staff are back in their normal roles this problem will receive concentrated attention.

The A1 still poses a major safety factor for all of us. Working with my district colleague councillor David Bellamy, colleagues whose Divisions adjoin the A1 and our local MP we will continue to press Highways England to provide the funding for extensive improvements to safeguard motorists.

I will continue to work for cost savings and efficiencies to keep council tax as low as possible without detriment to frontline services.

If you wish to contact me please do so on 07529188677 or on bobadams@talktalk.net

Rob Shorrock

Labour Party

Colsterworth Rural candidate Rob Shorrock
Colsterworth Rural candidate Rob Shorrock

My name is Rob Shorrock and I have lived in the Grantham area for the last 18 years. I am a teacher and currently work within the sixth form centre of a school in Grantham.

I am standing as the Labour candidate in Colsterworth Rural to provide a genuine alternative for voters who are unhappy with Tory sleaze, a destructive Brexit, extreme and polarised politics and who would like a return to the rational and decent politics of the centre.

The consequences of Brexit are coming home to roost. Our food producers and small businesses are being enormously damaged by the ideological extremism of those in power who took us out of the customs union and single market with little appreciation or even care for those that it would affect. The full force of this is about to be reckoned with and the Brexit Tories do not have a


As you look around your community you will see the consequences of a tired, complacent and ineffective council; wrecked roads, non-existent or extremely limited public transport, limited facilities for children and young people, an increase in crime and creeping development in green and common spaces.

I can provide a genuine, campaigning voice on the county council. Send the Conservatives a message they will not forget and lend me your vote. Vote Labour. To find out more email robbieshorrock@gmail.com or visit https://www.facebook.com/robshorrocklabour for further information.

Deepings East

Phil Dilks


Deepings East candidate Phil Dilks
Deepings East candidate Phil Dilks

I’m proud of my 25-year record of community service, working with those from all parties – and none – to achieve a fair deal for residents.

I raised my family here: I served 20 years as a TA infantry soldier, was a member of the former Lincolnshire Police Authority and a governor at three local schools.

I’m chairman of Langtoft and Deepings Royal British Legion and a volunteer driver for Deepings Age Concern.

The other candidate doesn’t have a vote in Deepings East because he doesn’t live here!

People who do are worried hundreds of planned new homes will put extra strain on already stretched services like health, schools, leisure and police.

  • I’ll work hard for better local services.
  • I’ll lobby to stop major house building in Langtoft until A15 safety issues are addressed.
  • I’ll campaign for a permanent fix on potholes - not more broken election promises and broken roads.
  • I’ll challenge the Conservative plan to scrap local councils and create a gigantic Greater Lincolnshire Authority - lumping us with Scunthorpe, Grimsby and the south Humber ports.
  • I’ll support the ruling party when they get it right, but I’ll hold them to account when they don’t.

Independents topped the polls in the most recent district elections in Deepings: With your support, we can win this time so whatever you vote in national elections, please make a real difference on May 6.

Phil Dilks will always put local residents first – not the orders of the ruling political party whip.

Barry Dobson

Conservative Party

Deepings East candidate Barry Dobson
Deepings East candidate Barry Dobson

It’s been an incredible four years representing Deepings East; an honour and a pleasure working with the two extremely dedicated parish councils of Deepings St James and Langtoft. By attending the parish council meetings, I have been able to keep in touch with your concerns and to help make a difference together from an assisted school crossing, the IT suite at the Deepings Library to the new fire engine. Potholes are a generic problem throughout the country, but the volume of traffic makes it a necessity to rebuild and restructure some important roads such as Linchfield and Station roads, A15 intersections and King Street.

So far, in my role as executive support councillor, I have been privileged to work on clean energy solutions, improved broadband, clean water storage, helping to enable the recovery of our visitor economy (accommodation, shops, wellbeing to encourage tourists to visit, stay and spend locally), highlighting our attractions with leisure improvements such as improved and new footpaths and cycle ways and developing an online platform. I work with colleagues to improve the frequency and destinations of bus services and closely with businesses in our area.

Using my years of experience, I am working to support our businesses across the broad range of commerce not only with trade deals, but improving the workforce by offering skills training and developing apprenticeships schemes; a vital key to our prosperity. It’s an exciting task, which I would continue to work hard in, supporting quality of life in our community.

Deepings West and Rural

Ashley Baxter


Deepings West and Rural candidate Ashley Baxter
Deepings West and Rural candidate Ashley Baxter

I live in the heart of the Deepings with my wife and daughters. I am currently a District Councillor for Market and West Deeping. I am well-known for challenging SKDC’s priorities and actions, particularly on issues of transparency and accountability but also on transport, waste and why there is so little progress towards the new leisure centre. I regularly engage with voters face-to-face, via social media and my blog (deepingdo.com). I have been heavily involved in the campaigns to save Deepings Library and to defend Millfield against development.

Decision-makers at County Hall appear to have little interest in the Deepings and surrounding villages. This is illustrated by the dilapidated state of our roads, the lack of cycle and pedestrian infrastructure and the ongoing plans to destroy open space in Market Deeping.

Many residents ask me for help with county council problems including potholes, streetlights and access to recycling facilities. These local concerns are very important but so are county-wide questions concerning education, social services and local government reorganisation. Personally, I think the remote county council should be scrapped and replaced by smaller unitary authorities.

Independent councillors do not work in isolation but with all other councillors to achieve best outcomes for residents. I have no affiliation to a political party and therefore I am answerable only to the people I represent.

I want the county council to be effective not stagnant. If elected I will work hard to offer robust challenge and meaningful communication with residents. Please choose me!

Andrew Halfhide

Conservative Party

Deepings West and Rural candidate Andrew Halfhide
Deepings West and Rural candidate Andrew Halfhide

For a strong voice for our residents and businesses vote Conservative on May 6.

My pledge is to work with the town and parish councils to support the community and build resilient social care, education and business while working with the PCC to increase policing in the area.

I believe that Millfield is one of the key open spaces in Market Deeping and I am committed to preserving it as such for future generations and will vote against any housing development on the site.

I see the improvement of the highway infrastructure as a key part of my role; targeting potholes, street lighting and safety related issues for car users, cyclists and pedestrians. The Levelling up fund could see £50m available for highways projects like Tallington bypass.

As a grandfather with grandkids schooled in the Deepings I am concerned about childrens welfare following the pandemic and the chaos it has wrought on their young lives; I am keen to support moves to improve facilities both inside and outside of school.

I will work with local sports and youth groups to provide a voice for them at LCC and of course to maximise the benefits of the planned new leisure facilities.

Our local business community and high streets will need ongoing support not least the reinstatement of some form of banking in the town as I believe this to be vital for a strong and vibrant community as we recover from this pandemic.

Folkingham Rural

The Chocolate Man Hansen (Jan Hansen)


Folkingham Rural candidate "The Chocolate Man" Jan Hansen
Folkingham Rural candidate "The Chocolate Man" Jan Hansen

With one of the most important local government elections to take place in decades on May 6, I firmly believe that it has never been so important for registered voters to make full use of their votes in order to send a clear message, and that is, keep tribal politics out of local government!

Political councillors, in my opinion, have failed to serve the residents of Lincolnshire big time, whilst serving their Westminster paymasters as a priority.

These self serving councillors should be ashamed of themselves.

Since being elected onto SKDC, I very soon came to the conclusion that far too many councillors are making decisions in order to keep their bosses in Westminster happy, to the cost of Lincolnshire folks interests.

How they can sleep at night puzzles me.

There is no doubt whatsoever, that there needs to be far more openess, transparency and accountability in local government.

It seems to me that the only way this is going to be achieved, is for the electors to make sure that there is a far more balanced and representative council chamber.

I do not have a lot of time for extreme left and right wing politics, that is why I have no doubt whatsoever, that the only way ahead in local government, is the Independent route.

Independent councillors only serve the local community, and not political tribes financed by god nows who millionaires!

A vote for Independents is a vote for the local people.

Martin Hill

Conservative Party

Folkingham Rural candidate Martin Hill
Folkingham Rural candidate Martin Hill

Coming from a Lincolnshire family I have lived and worked in this area nearly all my life. I am proud to have represented Folkingham Rural for many years at Lincolnshire County Council and in that time have achieved continued improvements for our area.

Although busy leading the council, my greatest satisfaction has been resolving local issues and as always, I commit to that in the future.

The Conservative administration has continued to manage our finances successfully in difficult times, while keeping council tax at one of the lowest in the country and services, which are assessed independently, as some of the best.

Covid-19 has impacted on all our lives and we have reacted swiftly and effectively to local effects of the pandemic. We have continued to deliver all front-line services and supported the testing and vaccine roll-out in our county.

We are particularly mindful of the potentially damaging effects on our economy and are financially supporting local businesses so they can emerge stronger. We have not taken our foot off the pedal during Covid-19, continuing to deliver major new projects such as the Grantham bypass and improved broadband connectivity across our county.

As with all Conservative councillors, I will again adhere to our principles in public service and ensure that truthfulness and honesty is upheld by all.

After a period of unprecedented times, I hope that my local record and that of the council will give you confidence to once again support me in this election.

Paul Richardson

Labour and Co-operative Party

Folkingham Rural and Glen Ward by-election candidate Paul Richardson
Folkingham Rural and Glen Ward by-election candidate Paul Richardson

We moved to Billingborough to give our children a better quality of life. It’s a lovely village, a great community and we are enjoying life…but I am worried.

I was told recently: “Billingborough is a shadow of its former self.” It once had a busy High Street with family run businesses, multiple pubs, even a secondary school with its own swimming pool. 15 years on, the Conservative-led council has overseen the demise of local high streets, rights of ways are disappearing, roads are poorly maintained - even the repairs have potholes! Aveland School with good facilities closed in 2009, demolished in 2014 and is still a waste land in 2021.

Sadly, Billingborough is not unique, there has been a systemic lack of funding and interest in our villages, an extremely worrying trend, I decided to stand and will work tirelessly to end this trend.

My agenda addresses the concerns of people I’d serve, feedback has highlighted problems in transport, roads, schooling, policing, flood defenses and lack of infrastructure especially where housing developments are concerned. We need housing but developments must enhance the area not burden it. We must end the public transport inequality, linking our villages and larger towns with regular services. Fix and maintain our roads properly and protect our right of ways. I will push for a visual police presence. Respond aggressively to the climate emergency by implementing our comprehensive green plan urgently.

I am committed to maintaining, improving where possible and championing our villages.

Stamford East

Harrish Bisnauthsing

Liberal Democrats

Stamford East candidate Harrish Bisnauthsing
Stamford East candidate Harrish Bisnauthsing

Harrish was formerly an electronic engineer in the RAF, a counsellor helping patients in need with mental issues and managing director of a computer firm. Harrish has always worked tirelessly to support our local community. He has been serving as a councillor for both Stamford Town and South Kesteven District Council for several years.

As an active member of the PPG of Lakeside Health, he has been a prominent member of the campaign to stop the closure of St Mary’s Surgery and he will continue to work towards a better health provision for Stamford by helping to establish an alternative Surgery. This will provide choice and competition in health care provision and no monopoly.

A vote for Harrish is a vote towards better health for Stamford; the repair of Red Lion Square road surface; get the many potholes on our roads repaired and to improve the capacity of our car parks, so that people working in town can park safely and economically. Also Harrish will fully support a review and increase in the Residents’ Parking Permits Scheme.

Stamford needs an East/West bypass, coupled with a bridge crossing at Tallington. This will remove the HGVs from our town and will make local congestion a thing of the past.

Harrish is currently a Trustee for several local organisations, including the Corn Exchange Theatre Company, Truesdale Alms Houses and helps to run Diabetes (UK) Peer Groups in Stamford. Harrish is also a founding member of the Stamford Health Education and Awareness Charity.

Chris Burke

Labour Party

Stamford East candidate Chris Burke
Stamford East candidate Chris Burke

Chris came to Lincolnshire while serving 12 years in the Royal Air Force based at North Luffenham, he went on to work for Blackstones (Stamford) Engineering. He met his wife Sue in Stamford and they married at St Augustine’s Church where their son Sean, was baptised.

Chris has been a councillor in Lincolnshire for 30 years and previously served on Stamford Town Council for seven years and County for eight years. Chris is opposed to the county council cuts that impact our arts, culture, and hospitality sectors as he believes tourism is a big contributor to Stamford’s economy.

Chris will launch a new vision for our High Street to diversify and support existing retailers and businesses such as work hubs, street cafés, music and community events. Chris opposes the creation of one super council for Lincolnshire proposed by the Tories.

Chris maintains decisions made about Stamford should be taken locally not remotely. Poorly maintained roads cost people money.

While cars are a necessity, Chris wants to extend eco-friendly travel with cycle paths and the introduction of electric buses.

As a grandfather, Chris is very concerned about the climate emergency. He will challenge the Tories 2050 ‘net carbon zero’ target and propose 2030 to start now with cost-saving measures like street light sensors.

Chris is a member of the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee, Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Scrutiny Panel, Safer Lincolnshire Partnership Overview and Scrutiny Board and he chairs the Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education.

Kelham Cooke

Conservative Party

Stamford East candidate Kelham Cooke
Stamford East candidate Kelham Cooke

I am honoured to be standing as your next county councillor for Stamford East. I have lived in and around Stamford for most of my life, from being educated here, securing my first job and buying my first home. I am passionate about preserving its culture and heritage, whilst looking to the future with ambition and confidence as we improve our town.

My role will be to ensure that Stamford receives its fair share of funding with all the aspects of the County Council. I will work to secure further funding for our roads to fix potholes and bring forward safety improvements, alongside investment into better broadband, and further funding into education to support more students from Stamford getting into their school of choice. We must also protect our public open spaces and prevent development not in keeping or inappropriate locations within our town.

If elected I will continue to work to ensure that we have better capacity at our local GP centres and that they remain open and accessible. I was proud to stand up with other stakeholders to prevent the closure of St Mary’s Surgery and will continue to campaign against any future closures, alongside looking at options for a new GP Practice so we can all access the best healthcare including at Stamford Hospital.

If I am elected on May 6, I will work with Stamford Town Council, community groups, charities, residents and local businesses to ensure that everyones interests are looked after irrespective of party politics.

Stamford West

Steve Carroll


Stamford West candidate Steve Carroll
Stamford West candidate Steve Carroll

I’ll be YOUR voice in Lincolnshire County Council. I’m passionate about protecting our community, its residents and local businesses. I joined Stamford Town Council as a volunteer. I am now chairman of the planning committee and an active council member. I’ve provided a voice and assistance to our community on all kinds of matters – for me it’s about getting the job done!

What matters most for our community is future-proofing it for years to come. Currently there are many areas that are not sustainable. I’ll work tirelessly to improve overall resources from for better schools and education, just one secondary school and no sixth form is not good enough, we need more special education support provision, more sports opportunities and accessible arts and culture.

Stamford’s population has increased, yet we’ve seen a decline in the choice of GP surgeries and the creation of one super surgery. There has also been a reduction in our social care and hospital provision. I’ll work to address these issues and help deliver the right healthcare solutions for our community.

Local county councillors have influence in major planning applications; however, county cCouncil engagement and collaboration to date has been limited. I’ll work with residents and the business community to mitigate all aspects of local planning and the associated impact on OUR town.

Your vote counts for democracy and transparency. Let’s make a positive difference to protect Stamford.

Want to know more? Visit www.facebook.com/protectstamford or call 07707 504701

Angela Carter-Begbie


Stamford West candidate Angela Carter-Begbie
Stamford West candidate Angela Carter-Begbie

I would like to support the residents of Stamford; we need to support the OAP’s with improved public transport where they can move about Stamford more freely but we also need to fund a bus service to take people to Peterborough City Hospital as a majority of Stamford people are unable to drive. I’m working with Coun Hooper to look at ways to improve rail services with the Welland Valley project to re-connect some old train lines and more trains on Sundays.

I have been looking into projects for the younger generation to help families with lower incomes.

I also work closely with Coun Croft with a busy calendar of events for the town council and events team.

One of my goals is to repair the roads across Lincolnshire. For future housing, we need to sort out genuine, affordable houses as they really aren’t affordable, and rent is often overpriced, plus better shopping facilities for the low-income so they don’t have to travel out of town.

We have produced a neighbourhood plan directed by Coun Taylor and Stamford Town Council to protect Stamford’s green spaces and plan where we want housing expansion, not driven by greedy businesses. My passion is to support low-income families as they have been hit hard over the last year especially which lead to foodbanks and Second Helpings becoming more in demand.

I believe in the Town Councils and County Councils working together. I consider the best interests of the Stamford people.

Richard Cleaver


Stamford West candidate Richard Cleaver
Stamford West candidate Richard Cleaver

This election is about making sure Stamford West has a county councillor who lives in Stamford and will work hard for everyone.

I live in Stamford and am committed to our town. I volunteer at Second Helpings and I work with the Stamford Health Education Charity. I campaigned against the closure of St Mary’s Surgery, I campaign to protect Stamford’s east meadows, and I campaigned for the residents’ parking scheme.

Lakeside Healthcare’s monopoly of GP services in Stamford must end. There must be a new GP practice built on the West side of town.

The 1,300 houses planned across the north of the town will provide much-needed affordable housing but the wood and ponds on the old quarry site must be protected. The green fields south of Tinwell Road must be fully protected too.

This year only 68% of Stamford pupils were initially offered their first choice of secondary school. Lincolnshire County Council must provide the choices Stamford’s families deserve. I fully support Stamford Welland Academy - especially its plans for a sixth form.

As part of our economic recovery from COVID, we must further strengthen Stamford’s tourist economy. I strongly support our arts and cultural heritage and will campaign for the re-opening of our museum.

Stamford needs 2 train services an hour. We need more cycle-friendly routes, and our roads must be properly maintained.

Local government must be kept local. I oppose the Lincolnshire Conservatives’ single Lincolnshire super-council proposal as this will further marginalise Stamford.

Owen Pugh

Conservative Party

Stamford West candidate Owen Pugh
Stamford West candidate Owen Pugh

My name is Owen Pugh and I am standing as the Conservative Party candidate in the elections on May 6 for Stamford West on Lincolnshire County Council. I’m standing to deliver for Stamfordians old and young. Whether your family’s been in Stamford for generations or you’re a newcomer to town, I’m here to be your megaphone, providing a direct voice for Stamford West to the ear of the Council leadership.

Stamford is the jewel of Lincolnshire and I’m determined to deliver a cleaner, greener, Stamford, building on the £50m+ of funding that has helped to keep hundreds of businesses in Stamford, trading through these difficult times.

This last term has seen record investment with millions of pounds in our transport network, work beginning to expand school capacity and medical services, chiefly helping to maintain services at St Mary’s and with plans to expand capacity at the hospital. New technology to fix pot holes will deliver faster fixes to keep Stamford moving.

I’m eager to engage with the community and local groups including Connect Stamford, the Civic Society and the Town Council to deliver more capacity in these areas along with a new green vision for Stamford. More active transport options, the expansion of pedestrianisation, tree-lined streets, more residents’ parking provision and a new cycle route from Stamford to Rutland Water will open up green tourism opportunities for hard-hit hospitality providers, bringing new investment to town, protecting livelihoods and delivering new audiences for Stamford’s heritage.

Please vote Owen Pugh.

Jo Winterbourne

Labour Party

Stamford West candidate Jo Winterbourne
Stamford West candidate Jo Winterbourne

Jo has worked in schools for over 10 years since leaving the publishing and advertising sector. She is a qualified careers advisor and the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths coordinator for Lincolnshire and Rutland.

Jo cofounded For the Love of Scrubs (Stamford) in response to the PPE crisis. Jo coordinates a group of 1000 sewing volunteers who have produced, to date, 30,000 PPE items for local hospitals, care homes and medical practices.

With more housing planned, Jo wants to ensure Stamford preserves green spaces such as the Quarry on Casterton Road. These developments will increase pressure on our crisis hit healthcare and education provision.

Jo is concerned with the chronic underfunding of our NHS and believes that Lakeside Healthcare needs to be held accountable and we should have more than one provider in the town.

Removing bureaucracy for her teaching colleagues and putting students at the heart of education is Jo’s passion. She will support Stamford Welland Academy to prosper and to grow to include a sixth form.

Jo will campaign to reverse the Tory cuts to youth services to prioritise young people and their needs.

Jo is aware of the ‘hidden poverty’ in Stamford with the increasing use of foodbanks and the number of children who qualify for free school meals.

Jo is committed to creating job opportunities, increasing access to training and providing affordable childcare.

A theatre enthusiast, Jo directs plays in her spare time and volunteers backstage for Stamford Shoestring and Stamford Shakespeare Company.

A by-election is also taking place to fill the Glen Ward on South Kesteven District Council, which covers the Castle

Bytham area, following the resignation of a councillor last year on health grounds. The two candidates contesting this

seat have also been invited to submit profiles.

SKDC by-election: Glen Ward

Paul Richardson

Labour and Co-operative Party

Folkingham Rural and Glen Ward by-election candidate Paul Richardson
Folkingham Rural and Glen Ward by-election candidate Paul Richardson

It would be an honour to champion and represent the people of Glen Ward, as their councillor. I am committed to maintaining, improving where possible and championing our villages.

Listening to and addressing issues that are pertinent to the people I serve and represent as a councillor. For example, a recent survey of South Kesterven villages reported a concern for the lack of infrastructure with housing developments such as problems with roads, transport, parking, schools, healthcare and recreation.

Housing developers are obliged to contribute to an area when developing and this should be rigorously enforced and before any approval is given, the infrastructure must be considered.

I consider it my duty to actively pursue the best outcomes for our villages when it comes to housing developments as well as other local issues and concerns. Such as environmental issues, which must be addressed as a matter of urgency. Rising river levels are affecting our villages and I will push to ensure adequate flood defences and actively support a comprehensive green plan.

A police presence is needed to ensure our villages are safe and to actively discourage criminal behaviour, I will work with the Police Commissioner to keep our villages safe.

I would ensure that, as an alternative to the status quo, the people of Glen Ward would see a refreshing change and a new direction, instead of cutting corners and costs, I would seek to preserve and maintain what works and improve what doesn’t.

Penny Robins

Conservative Party

Glen ward by-election candidate Penny Robins
Glen ward by-election candidate Penny Robins

I am Penny Robins, and I am delighted to have been selected to represent Glen Ward as the Conservative candidate.

If elected I will work hard on local issues and support you, the residents to make our area an even better place in which to live, work, study, visit and to invest.

I live locally with my husband and children and help run the family business. I have always had an interest in local politics, and this has brought about an opportunity for a local candidate to help local people with local issues.

If I am elected I will work closely with the parish councillors, all residents regardless of party politics and I will join forces with my county council colleagues, the Police and Crime Commissioner and our MP Gareth Davies.

I am passionate about planning and will make sure that if development is necessary it will be sympathetic with the surroundings.

As Conservatives, we have managed successful budgets and that has put SKDC in a sound financial position. We have given over £30m in grants so businesses and communities to offer advice and support. We are taking positive action on climate change and will continue to reduce our carbon footprint.

By voting for Penny Robins on May 6, it means we can continue this work and fund more community projects.

Please use your vote on May 6.

Parish council by-elections

Elsewhere, there will be a by-election to fill two vacancies on the St George’s Ward of Stamford Town Council. Fighting it out for these seats are: Pam Bisnauthsing (Lib Dem), Lisa Brewin (Lib Dem), Steve Doyle (Con), Hari Gammon, Darren Rawnsley and Jo Winterbourne (Lab).

Standing in a by-election to fill five vacancies on Pointon and Sempringham Parish Council are: Rob Clarke, Lee Driver, Georgina Freeman, Christine Green, Jayne Keeley, Austin Scarfe, Joyce Taylor, Murray Turner and Dean Wesley.

There will also be a referendum on the Deepings Neighbourhood Plan.

Two vacancies on Corby Glen Parish Council have been filled by the only nominees, Adam Clink and Matthew Evans.

Polling cards have been delivered to eligible voters who did not register for a postal vote to let them know where to vote.

Voters are required to wear a face covering when going to vote unless they have a valid exemption, and people should try to remember to bring their own pen or pencil. There will be signs and guidance from staff to help people stick to social distancing and polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm.

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