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Animal expert Karen Wild discusses dogs and greed

We are all used to the comical images of a dog pinching your sandwiches, or sneaking a sausage off the barbecue, even hanging around the dishwasher in the hope of a tasty snack (we call this the ‘pre-wash’), but what happens if your dog seems to have an insatiable appetite for everything, including the most unspeakable items you can imagine?

Dogs are natural scavengers. It is one of the reasons they are happy to live alongside us, as it is much easier to eat our scraps (or gourmet dog food, in these modern times) rather than hunt rabbits or deer. Why bother running around a field when you get a bowl of meaty mush placed in front of you three times a day?

Nevertheless this does not mean they simply stop eating when their appetite dictates they are full. It also doesn’t mean that your dog stops hunting or running around chasing squirrels up trees.

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