Widow’s shock at box on grave in Stamford Cemetery

Jenny Jones pictured next to her husband's grave in Stamford cemetery.
Jenny Jones pictured next to her husband's grave in Stamford cemetery.
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A WIDOW was left in shock when she found cemetery workers had covered her husband’s grave with a large wooden box filled with earth.

Retired Jenny Jones, 62, of Mountbatten Avenue, Stamford, regularly visits the grave of her husband Grahame, who died aged 53 six years ago from cancer, at Stamford Cemetery in Little Casterton Road.

But when she went on Wednesday last week she was left distressed after finding the box covering her husband’s grave entirely.

Mrs Jones said: “I had only just put some grass seed down and netting on his grave a few days earlier, and this was taken off and thrown behind the headstone.

“What if I had planted lots of lovely flowers on his grave? That would have been even worse.”

Cemetery workers had placed the box on Mr Jones’ grave while digging a plot next to him for a funeral which took place on Friday last week.

Mrs Jones said she could understand why they did this, but said she should have been called by Stamford Town Council, which is responsible for the cemetery, before the work was carried out.

She was never made aware this would happen and said: “I accept people have jobs to do and these things have to happen, but they don’t realise how upsetting this has been.

“No-one tried to get in touch with me about it.”

Mrs Jones, who has four children, nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild, said if she had been warned prior to the work being carried out, she would have kept away from Grahame’s grave for a few days to avoid upset.

She added: “If my grandchildren had gone to the cemetery and seen this, they would have been horrified.”

Mrs Jones said the box had been removed by Friday evening last week.

In a statement, Stamford Town Council said: “The town council strives to ensure that all work within the cemetery, especially work associated with burials, is undertaken diligently and respectfully within the limiting constraints and parameters of plot configuration.”

The Stamford Mercury asked the town council why Mrs Jones was not contacted, but did not receive a response.