Willoughby School head thanks McDonald’s for dropping parking fine

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The headmaster of a special school has praised a fast food chain for rescinding a parking fine incurred during a lunch visit.

Adam Booker took pupils from Willoughby School in Bourne to the McDonald’s in Holbeach Road, Spalding, on January 15.

Mr Booker wanted to give his pupils a treat and had the full support of parents.

He parked the school’s minibus in the restaurant car park, took the pupils for a meal and then drove them back home.

But he was surprised a few days later to get a letter and a £100 fine in the post.

Mr Booker said: “It was a one-off visit from our point of view. I was stunned when I got the letter.

“It’s a huge green bus with the school name on the back. We parked in the disabled space.

“It wasn’t as if we were sneaking in and taking them off to be Oliver Twists around Spalding.”

The letter said the bus had exceeded the 90-minute time limit in the Spalding restaurant car park by 18 minutes.

At the time, Mr Booker called for the fast food giant to show some common sense and repeal the charge and said it was lucky the children on the bus hadn’t known about the fine.

He added: “How many of us go into a car park at McDonald’s and look for signs about parking?”

Thankfully McDonald’s listened to Mr Booker’s pleas. After he appealed the fine, a letter was sent from Met Parking Services to say the charge had been cancelled at the request of both McDonald’s head office and the Spalding restaurant.

Mr Booker said it was great that such a large corporation listened to a small request like his own, adding: “It’s really nice of them to do that.”

Mr Booker has not been put off taking his pupils out for dinner, although he jokingly said: “We have been chastened and we will keep our eyes peeled for parking signs next time.”