Window cleaner rescued kitten

Window cleaner Nick Glover with little Molly
Window cleaner Nick Glover with little Molly
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A window cleaner became a hero for a day when he came to the rescue of a stranded kitten that was stuck on a roof in Bourne.

The RSPCA has said a special thank you to cleaner Nick Glover who managed to rescue little Molly after she crept out of her home in Essex Way and climbed up onto a roof top.

The 12-week-old kitten was spotted by a concerned member of the public who said Molly was being “dive-bombed” by some magpies and crows.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Becky Harper was called to attend the incident but the cat was too far up for her to reach.

But instead of calling out the fire service to rescue Molly, it was suggested a call 
be made to local window cleaner Nick Glover.

Becky said: “Nick immediately offered to help and arrived within 10 minutes.

“He then climbed up his ladder and gently picked up little Molly and carried her back down to safety where she was reunited with her owner.

“She was a little cold and hungry but apart from that fine.

“I just hope this experience puts her off climbing on to roofs in the future although it’s still a bit of a mystery how she managed to get up there considering how tiny she is.

“I would really like to say thank you to Nick for helping Molly so quickly and he gave his time free of charge.

“He saved calling the fire brigade out and it is great that this had a happy ending.”