Wittering family’s disgust after kitten’s face is ‘burned deliberately’

Wittering resident Annette Le Sech's 11-month-old kitten Marvin which suffered burns to its face
Wittering resident Annette Le Sech's 11-month-old kitten Marvin which suffered burns to its face
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A KITTEN has been left badly scarred after it was deliberately burned.

Annette Le Sech was horrified when her 11-month-old kitten Marvin returned home on Monday morning with fur missing above his eye and on his cheek and a badly swollen face.

She took him to a vet in Peterborough, who told her the marks could only have been caused by someone deliberately burning the cat with a cigarette or pouring chemicals on to him.

Annette, of Lawrence Road, Wittering, said: “His skin was red raw and all his fur was missing. He looked awful.

“At first I thought maybe he had got into a fight with another cat but the vet said he had been held down and burned with a cigarette.

“They said he will probably be permanently scarred.”

Marvin, a brown tortoiseshell cat, was given an antibiotic injection and anti-inflammatory cream.

Annette, who is married to Clive and has two sons Joe, 11, and Oliver, 14, has slammed the person responsible for Marvin’s injuries.

The family also have two other cats called Sparkle and Toby and Annette fears something similar could happen to one of them.

She said: “Marvin is such a lovely cat and I just don’t understand what sort of person would do something like this. It’s horrible.”

Annette reported the incident to the RSPCA and Stamford-based RSPCA inspector Justin Stubbs is asking for witnesses to come forward.

Both Annette and Mr Stubbs have heard rumours of other cases of cat cruelty in Wittering but Annette is the first person to report an incident.

She said: “You just don’t expect it in a quite village like Wittering and the animals are defenceless.”

Mr Stubbs added: “I was disgusted to hear about what happened to this cat and I am desperately after any information as to who might be responsible for this.”

He also asked other cat owners to get in touch if their pets are attacked.

Anyone who knows anything should call 0300 1234 999 and ask to leave a message for Mr Stubbs.