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Woman left traumatised after “unprovoked and brutal” attack in Stamford

Natalie Moult following the brutal attack on her in Stamford
Natalie Moult following the brutal attack on her in Stamford

A Stamford woman was left terrified after she was brutally attacked in a residential street.

Natalie Moult, 37, who works as a lawyer, was waiting for friends in Banks Crescent, Stamford, in the early hours of Easter Sunday morning.

Suddenly out of the blue, a woman approached her shouting abuse in what Natalie said was “completely unprovoked”.

Describing the “vicious assault”, Natalie said: “Before I could get up or move she had put her hands through the railings and grabbed my hair. Pulling my hair she smashed my head into the railings repeatedly.

“As my head hit the railings I twisted to the floor and I felt a force on my head from her stamping on me. I held my hand up to protect my eyes and my hand took the impact.”

A friend of Natalie’s stepped in to try and help and was also attacked.

Natalie managed to wiggle away and screamed which attracted the attention of three neighbours, who called emergency services. The attacker ran off.

Natalie and her friend were taken to Peterborough City Hospital where they remained for nearly six hours.

Natalie suffered severe bruising to her right eye, swelling and bruising to hercheek, bruising to her head and bruising to her hands, shoulders arms and legs. A tooth is chipped and she also has clumps of hair missing from the right-hand side.

Her friend, who has been left too traumatised to talk about the event, also suffered bruising to her face and body.

But Natalie, who lives in a village just outside of Stamford, said she has decided to go public to make sure her attacker is caught.

She said: “I just want the attacker caught so no-one else is exposed to her brutality.”

Natalie said she didn’t recognise her attacker but described her as having a northern accent, possibly from Liverpool, with brown hair and a fringe.

Natalie and a group of friends had spent an evening at Mama Liz’s in Stamford before returning back to a friend’s house, where Natalie was staying.

She was waiting on the doorstep next to a set of railings for her friend to return in a separate taxi when the attack happened at about 2.30am.

She described Banks Crescent as a “safe area”.

Speaking on Tuesday, Natalie said: “I’m very upset - I can’t stop crying and feel so emotional thinking of what this person did to me, the ferocity with which she attacked me - it’s awful.

“I felt so scared whilst she pulled my head repeatedly into the railings. The repeated blows to my head, well I felt like I was in and out of conscious. It was over so quickly.”

Lincolnshire Police has been contacted for a comment.

Witnesses are asked to call police on 101, quoting incident number 77 of April 1.

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