Woman loses her ‘wild mop’ to raise funds for the Fraja Ellie Appeal

Carrie Entwistle before her appointment with the clippers
Carrie Entwistle before her appointment with the clippers
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A woman has had an extreme haircut to help raise money for a little girl she has never met.

Carrie Entwistle decided to have her head shaved but, after her husband objected, opted for a Blade 2 cut instead.

She took the drastic step after getting fed up with bad hair days - her wild mop of thick brown curly hair had long been hard to control.

When she threatened to shave it all off and start again, her daughter persuaded her to go ahead, but to do it for a good cause.

Carrie, 48, of Park Close, King’s Cliffe, was supported by a crowd of friends and relatives at King’s Cliffe Active Community Centre recently as the scissors, clippers and razor did their work. Doing the cutting was her sister, hairdresser Angela Grant.

A total of £595 was raised on the night, mostly from a raffle and tombola and including sponsorship cash she is expecting the total to be around £1,000.

Carrie, who works as a respite carer and carer for her 86-year-old aunt, said she was feeling the cold a bit but was getting over the shock.

Family and friends have bought her hats and scarves to wear until her hair grows back.

“My husband Ian says he is getting used to it and it’s like having a new wife. But one of our neighbours was worried it was a different woman coming in and out of our house,” she said.

Carrie said she had tremendous support on the night with some fantastic prizes donated by local businesses. But the haircut itself was a bit of an emotional experience and two of her three sisters got a bit upset.

“It was OK once it was done and some people said it has made me look younger,” she said.

“I feel really good about it now – I have five grandchildren who are all well thankfully and it’s great to be able to do something for this little girl.”

Her daughter, Jo Durrant, put her up to it. Her and soldier husband Lee, who went off to Afghanistan this week, moved to Kendrew Barracks from RAF Leeming in Yorkshire last year.

There they were familiar with the Fraja Ellie Appeal which has so far raised thousands of pounds for 
five-year-old Fraja Ellie Simpson who is from an Army family and has a rare form of aggressive cancer - neuroblastoma with MYCN amplification.

This means she is at high risk of sudden relapse and with no effective treatment here in the UK would have to travel immediately abroad in order to stand a chance of survival.

“Nothing fazes my mum,” said Jo. “She is the most laid-back person ever and she’s really happy to have done something to help.”

Anyone who would like to contribute can access www.justgiving.com/Fraja-Ellie-Appeal or ring Carrie direct on 07930 268478.