Youngsters learn manners at Knight School

Youngsters enjoy the Knight's School in Oakham
Youngsters enjoy the Knight's School in Oakham
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Youngsters learned the rules of chivalry and manners as they attended a special knight’s school.

A group of 12 children aged between six and eight-years attended weekly sessions at the Methodist Church, in Oakham.

They went to the Knight’s School where instructors taught them pride, courtesy and respect to instil confidence.

Janet Berridge, co-ordinator of the school, said: “The children attend for one hour for six weeks and they totally enjoy it.

“They have to do tasks like cleaning shoes, showing respect and learning basic drill.

“It makes them more attentive and confident in school lessons.”

Craig Mitchell, the High Sheriff of Rutland, recently knighted the youngsters and gave certificates to those who completed the course.

Youngster Charlie East was named best knight and Imogen Deacon-Lambert, head lady, on the course and they received plaques along with the certificates.