Authorities should be supporting this business

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I AM writing to you to express my dismay at the treatment the council has given to a local and successful business.

Cafe Black, of Stamford, is an overwhelming business success which is enjoyed by the local community.

It has extremely high standards of food, cleanliness and service.

The staff are extremely helpful to all including the local disabled community who are not always able to go inside the cafe and enjoy the ease of access the outside seating area allows.

My family and I frequent the business at least once a week and have done for some time now.

We thoroughly enjoy the food and atmos-phere provided by the staff and customers who are always ready with a good hello and local chat.

Stamford as a local town is seeing the strain of the country’s financial problems with the closure of some well-established stores.

However Cafe Black thrives in these hard economic times, only to be bruised and battered by the lack of support for a local business to grow and prosper.

The county council have refused to allow the outside seating area to continue! I can’t say any more other than why?

These seats provide no obstruction, no rubbish or general untidiness and certainly no inconvenience to anyone bringing business to our local town. Surely in these times of economic uncertainty a local town and council should be supporting our local businesses? This certainly is not the case here and I question the motives for this.

This is the first time in my life I have felt the need to write not only to my local paper but also local councillors to object to such an unpopular decision. We should be encouraging the growth of local businesses within our local community.

Please take time to think about the financial effect taking away the outside seating will have on this business. They need the support of the local community to show how unpopular this decision is.


Legg Road, Wittering

As a resident of Stamford, I too am bemused the county council’s decision to refuse to renew the street cafe licence of Cafe Black. I am at a loss to know how its statement (Mercury, last week) that “......or worse, for people to have to step onto the road” applies to a pedestrian precinct?

Perhaps it may be useful for the county council to explain the context of this remark? Has it actually visited the site?

It would also be useful for the South Kesteven District Council licensing officer to influence the county council as she has confirmed that the outside area is trading legally.

Come on county council, treat all traders in Stamford consistently and, for once, use some common sense, and allow Stamford to entertain visitors and locals alike with a much-needed facility.

Paul Green

College Close, Great Casterton

I AM writing to you to express how unhappy I am that the street cafe licence hasn’t been renewed for Cafe Black.

We need that outside area for our buggies (I am a mum) and a lot of disabled people use it so they don’t have to walk far from their motorised buggies.

We have to support our local businesses, not needlessly penalise them.

Why have the other chain coffee shops had their licences renewed and not Cafe Black?

Cafe Black has everything you need for a great experience. Amazing coffee, delicious, well-priced food, and the most lovely staff.

They are always helpful and have a smile on their faces. Nothing is too much bother.

It is outrageous in this current economic climate to be targeting a fantastic local business that deserves only support and encouragement against the big, boring chains.


Gresley Drive, Stamford

This is a copy of a letter I have sent to Lincolnshire County Council.

“Today I discovered the county council is planning to revoke the street cafe licence of Cafe Black and that sometime in the future bailiffs may be employed to enforce a magistrates order and remove the street seating area.

I don’t understand the logic behind this decision at all.

The seating area is in a wide pedestrian only area and causes no obstruction to the public.

Street cafes are desirable comfort stops for shoppers to rest during their browsing of retail outlets thus promoting shopper friendliness and in turn creating more business for the town.

Costs will be incurred by both the council and Cafe Black in removing the street cafe.

Therefore no-one is a “winner” in this situation and Stamford would be the major loser.

If the decision is followed up by the council I’m sure that the electorate will remember this next time they come to vote.

Please reconsider this decision. Thank you for your time.”

Stuart Riley

Orchard Lane, Woodnewton