Building a road bridge at crossing ought to be a priority

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At last the disgraceful problem of the Tallington level crossing is being addressed.

The hold-ups at this crossing are dreadful, since the line is so busy and often the gates remain closed to allow several trains to pass.

The problem seems to be exacerbated by the trigger mechanism which appears to be set at some distance to accommodate the fast East Coast line trains causing even greater queues of traffic when one or more of the slower trains passes.

At most times of day the crossing is closed for about 30 minutes each hour, rising to about 40 minutes at peak times.

However, this does not indicate the true extent of the problem, as the length of the tailbacks often results in cars failing to get across the line before the gates close again.

Thus, at peak times there is not a 66 per cent chance of having to queue, but not far off a 100 per cent chance.

Not only is the crossing a severe inconvenience for all those having to use it (for it is impossible ever to time a journey as it can be delayed by up to 20 minutes) but it must be a real cause for concern for the emergency services.

The building of a bridge ought to be a priority. All credit to those who have campaigned for one for many years.

Neil Mackenzie

Bramley Road,

Market Deeping

We frequently travel from the Deepings to Stamford and always have to allow an extra 20 minutes should the crossing be closed which nine times out of 10 it is. I fully support the crossing being closed, it’s about time.

Judy Gregory

Burchnall Close, Deeping St James