Care and compassion shown by ambulance paramedics

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I recently had need to call for an ambulance when my 31-year-old daughter suffered severe, painful muscle spasms down the left side of her body, rendering her immobile on the lounge floor.

My call was answered immediately and the lady in the control room was efficient, kind and calming. She remained on the line until the paramedic arrived.

A very reassuring presence until she was sure I had the help I needed, signing off with best wishes for my daughter.

The paramedic (I believe his name was Adrian) arrived within minutes of my 999 call.

He was calm, considerate and sympathetic to my daughter’s situation. He was efficient, professional and intuitive.

He treated my daughter with compassion and dignity, working hard to keep her reassured and provide her with the best pain relief/treatment at his disposal.

He also put a cannula in so that intravenous pain relief might be administered quickly when she reached the hospital.

A two-man crew then took my daughter to Peterborough City Hospital’s A&E department.

They were at pains to ensure her comfort while further routine monitoring took place, continuing to advise and reassure and to administer “gas and air” to help her with the intense pain.

On arrival they did their utmost to minimise the effect of the bright lighting on my daughter, going in search of more gas and air, within the department, to try to maintain some degree of pain relief while we waited for almost 30 minutes before finally being spoken to by a member of the A& E staff.

The ambulance men remained with her at all times and did not leave until such time as a cubicle became free, preparing the trolley/bed themselves and transferring her across.

These two men also demonstrated care, compassion and professionalism, clearly doing all they could for their patient.

A great shame that these qualities and timely care was not demonstrated by A& E staff that evening, serving to highlight the excellent response given by the ambulance staff.

My thanks and congratulations to the ambulance service staff who attended .

Mrs E White

Fox Dale, Samford