Council is planning tourism strategy to make most of Stamford

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Last week’s letters could not have been more timely or appropriate in starting this debate.

Tourism is hugely important to Stamford which already has a great deal to offer.

Visitors help ensure the provision of a wider range of shopping, attractions and events than the residents of our small market town alone could support.

This all makes Stamford a much more vibrant place to live and work. But all of this needs nurturing if we are to encourage sustainability, development and growth.

The town council is aware of the need to work collaboratively. It has therefore established a working party to engage and develop a Tourism Strategy working cross boundary for the mutual benefit of Stamford and neighbouring authorities.

In addition to councillors, this group includes co-opted members from relevant statutory, business and voluntary sector organisations to facilitate this initiative.

Over the coming weeks and months the community will be consulted on their views as part of this process, and the first opportunity for people to have their say will be at the open day tomorrow from 10am to 4pm at Stamford Town Hall.

This will provide an informal opportunity for the public to present their comments and suggestions. Visitors will also enjoy a tour of the town hall, with it’s spooky dungeons, along with admiring the town’s historic plate regalia.

People are encouraged to come and view the fascinating historical collections and treasures. An event is also being planned for September specifically for local businesses to share and exchange views on the proposed Tourism Strategy.

Stamford has a great deal to offer to the many people opting to stay at home for short breaks.

The idea is to maximise the delights of Stamford alongside developing a plan for what else we would like to see in the town, and for raising necessary funds and resources to deliver the strategy.

Stamford has a wonderful historic past and by working together we can also help ensure it has a bright future, so please support us by letting us know what you think so we can incorporate as many of your views and ideas as possible in the strategy.

John Binder

Mayor of Stamford

Stamford Town Council

Reading the two letters last week with ideas for the future of Stamford was like a breath of fresh air!

If these sorts of ideas could become reality, we (life-long residents) and future generations, can face the future with pride and confidence.

I hope for more similar forward-thinking refreshing ideas, rather than lamenting that anything new is suspect or bad. That way, our dear Stamford will be enhanced and would prosper.

May such big (and small) ideas inspire real open-mindedness in the future.

Mrs Ann Stokes

Manor Way, Langtoft