District councillors showed they do care

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For the very first time in my life I have attended a local government planning meeting.

Why? To speak in support of the Recreation Ground proposed skateboard 

I suppose because of the regular hostile comments towards South Kesteven District Council by Stamford people I was expecting a hostile negative bunch of folk, only interested in Grantham.

When I got there we were all asked to go into a side room as there were so many of us.

The chairman of the meeting came in and welcomed us and explained what would happen.

I went to the council chamber to listen to the first planning application for a new building in an old part of the town. The questions asked by the councillors of the 
planning officer and representatives of those for and against soon 
made me realise how caring they were about the future for people, environment, and impact on that area .

When the time came for the skateboard discussion they showed the same care and concern for all who were against the project and for those in favour.

The planning officer and legal beagle both faced searching and intense questions as the councillors showed their determination to know all the facts and reach an informed position for when they should have to vote.

It could, of course, be said that I am only saying all this because they reached the decision that I wanted to hear; but no, it was the way in which they went about their business that impressed me.

Yes, contrary to the beliefs of many of the Stamford critics, they do care about Stamford and one councillor, recognising the antagonism emanating from our town, asked that we appreciated this.

George Hetherington

Kettering Road, Stamford

It was so good to see such a turnout in support of the skatepark and reading your article last week really highlights how hard these young people have worked, so it was disappointing to see that there are still people with a nimby attitude towards it.

How inspiring to read comments from 11-year-old Hector Clack, such as: “Please inspire my generation and give us a skatepark in a safe place where children of all ages can get to enjoy their sport”.

Compare that with the comments from Dominic Glazebrook who raised his voice and threatened legal action.

Good to see common sense prevailed on this occasion. Well done to all who worked so hard to make this happen for the Stamford youth!

Chris O’Regan

Crown Lane, Tinwell

I would like to say a big thank you to the skatepark committee for their tireless work these past four years.

Also the young members who worked so hard to achieve the result on Tuesday, October 16.

A great many Stamford children will have a wonderful time in the next few years.

Also thank you, Stamford Mercury for your exposure.


Masterton Close, Stamford