Donations could fund more lights in town

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In the midst of your shop locally campaign, why is it that the High Street looks so bare of welcoming, festive lights?

I mean St Mary’s and Ironmonger Streets get new strings of blue lights, there is a new style of Christmas tree sitting in the Square. (Personally I really like them) and even the town hall gets in on the act. But again, why is the High Street so empty?

My wife pointed out that there appears to be several places where even small Christmas trees could be placed. These would be visible, could be nicely decorated and also very possibly, not that expensive. More and varied lights, I believe, could be mounted from different places than they are now.

I’m very possibly wrong, but surely for next year more can be done even in these tight times. All it could take is a fund set up and administered by both chamber of trade and the town council. This fund would take the form of purely voluntary ‘gifts’ of loose change taken over several months and use it to fund more lights etc.

Over the past few days I have heard people, and some I know well, use less than glowing terms to describe the High Street. What’s the point of extolling local outlets if you don’t make the place look inviting?

You lot, who I will have upset by my temerity, are fast enough to decry things but don’t seem overly concerned here.


Elizabeth Road


I FEEL compelled to write to you regarding the lights bedecking Stamford’s lovely town centre.

The question is this, why did the council bother at all? A more pathetic attempt at bringing the cheer and spirit of Christmas to a place I have yet to see and I know there are plenty of other people with the same view because I have spoken to them in the town centre.

What classes for a Christmas tree centrepiece is also a disgrace. It is nothing more than a wire cone with a few feeble lights hanging in strands from it, many of which have ceased to function and rubbish gathering inside and around the base. Lovely!

If shoppers are to be encouraged to come and spend here then every effort should be made to attract them.

Stamford lends itself to looking absolutely wonderful with a little thought and effort on the council’s part, so come on whoever plans the festive lights, show some imagination next year for goodness sake.

Pam Gurney

Sutherland Way, Stamford