He must be off his trolley to suggest such a thing!

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Has April 1 come early? Shopping trolleys in central Stamford? This is the most asinine idea imaginable, redolent of political brainlessness.

Just look at Stamford’s busy town centre on any shopping day when it throngs with shoppers, visitors and people savouring its unique warm friendliness all threading their way along adequate pedestrian routes and (inadequate) passages.

The system already operates at capacity, groaning a bit on market and function days; there is neither room nor place to cater for the utter nuisance of trolleys.

In practical terms, many shops do not have the space for trolleys which then are left outside to clutter access; shopkeepers would be rightly wary of trolleys partly full on entry leaving without a purchase but seeming fuller; trolleys could not easily pass in the passages; theft from trolleys or of trolleys may occur; empty/damaged trolleys may end up being litter or consigned to the Welland.

The disadvantages win every time: the present system works; it is not bust so leave it alone.

My advice to Coun Nicholson is to swap his dog for a canary; his idea is rather bird-brained.

Ian Hart

Lincoln Road, Peterborough

I THOUGHT it was April 1. The article regarding trolleys for High Street shopping caused quite a laugh among friends. We all agreed John Nicholson must be off his trolley!

Imagine the picture in High Street, trying to get in the shops and Friday on the market.

Hasn’t this man seen many of us with our own shopping trolleys?

Stamford not hilly – where is he looking? What about the narrow street pavements in St Mary’s and St John’s. Who moves first, the mum with her pushchair, the person with their mobility scooter, or the trolley, sorry Skolley, pusher?

So he is an ex-headmaster? The man is a buffoon and serving the council too – the mind boggles.

I sincerely hope the councils do not waste time discussing such tripe.


Church Street, Ryhall

I had to check the date on last week’s Mercury as I thought it was April 1 when I read Coun John Nicholson’s idea to put trolleys in the Cattle Market car park!

I think he must be “off his trolley” to suggest this as obviously he has never pushed a trolley – negotiating the kerbs and cobbles of Stamford’s streets would be a nightmare.

Trolleys are difficult to push at the best of times, making them practically impossible for the elderly.

The £1 charge he proposes would be cheap entertainment for the youth of today, especially after closing time. And who would retrieve all the abandoned trolleys? I am sorry my feedback is not more positive but I think I live in the real world!

E Ramm

Hazel Grove, Stamford

WITH reference to the “Skolleys” idea – rubbish! This article would have been more suitable for April 1.


Lindsey Road, Uffington