High-speed railway will benefit very few people

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I am writing with reference to the letter last week in which Rog Parkinson expressed his approval of the high-speed rail link between London and Birmingham.

I would be interested to know how he would feel if he lived in the area in which the rail link is to be built and in consequence, his house would have to be pulled down to make way for the railway.

The grounds on which Mr Parkinson supports the formation of the network are that it would save 30 minutes for business class people.

Does he seriously believe that these trains would invariably arrive on time? Is he aware that many of the trains running between London and Birmingham contain empty first-class carriages? I suggest that any benefits to the community from building the rail network would be so small as to be negligible.

On the other hand, much irreparable damage will be done if the rail link plan goes through. Large areas of beautiful countryside, which include much good farming land and wildlife habitats will disappear. Many houses and villages will have to be demolished to make way for the railway.

How can this be fair on the people who have spent their lives paying off mortgages and invested large sums on house improvements.

Many promising small businesses are likely to go to the wall with no compensation being offered. In passing it should be remembered that governments exist to serve a country and not to ride rough shod over that country’s population.

Miles Napier

Rutland Terrace, Stamford