Letter: Action needed on disabled bays at Stamford retail park

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We are regular users of Markham Business Park – Sainsbury, Halfords, Argos, Poundstretcher and Lidl.

Being disabled we always try to park in a blue badge bay in order to remove one or two electric scooters from the rear of our car. This is proving highly dangerous due to vehicles entering the one way section where these disabled bays are located. 
The white lining stating ‘no entry’ is regularly ignored and we risk serious injury to ourselves or damage to our scooters. On our behalf (and for the benefit of all disabled bay users) the managing agents have taken this issue to the owners and their insurers who don’t feel there is a health and safety issue. Perhaps they will when there is an accident. We offered to meet on site to demonstrate the problem but a recent meeting took place without our input. Would any user of the disabled areas know to whom they could complain if they suffered injury or loss? It is not the shops who pay high costs for the car park it’s an anonymous insurer and the site owners (a large insurance company). If you use this car park please be aware there are areas of the car park which are one way for the safety of all users.

Brenda White

Francis Court, 
Rutland Way,