Letter: Are taxpayers getting value?

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As Chairman of our local Neighbourhood Association I have been requested to contact the Wellbeing team, LCC, on behalf of residents of the Stamford Supported Housing Complexes.

The Mercury actually featured an article about St Clements a few weeks ago.

As part of our ongoing meeting with members of the Wellbeing team we invited Evergreen to attend as observers. However, after attending our meeting, Evergreen then began negotiating directly with SKDC and LCC with a view to replacing scheme managers and night-responders.

The current position is that responders are based in Long Bennington and Lincoln. Many elderly people in Stamford are reluctant to sign-up to Wellbeing precisely because of inevitable delays covering such distances during bad weather or traffic problems.

When we began negotiating with Wellbeing some NINE months ago, we offered accommodation for a team of responders in Stamford in conjunction with our landlords SKDC, yet now we are facing the onset of winter with no progress from Wellbeing in spite of our many warning over nine months.

As the Reverend Bob Mackrill hopes to now introduce an angel service before the end of November, we wish every success to Evergreen, as we did when we discussed their revised terms only hours before they re-visited Wellbeing in Lincoln.

Your astute readers will realise that LCC Wellbeing have conveniently used the Evergreen charity to cover the needs of the elderly and sick but, being a charity, it inevitably has to charge for its services.

As Stamford pays the highest council tax pro-rata in Lincolnshire, it is now surely time the Stamford taxpayers demanded insight of how our taxes are being spent in LCC, bearing in mind their continuous snubbing of our request to base a few responders in Stamford.

J H Butcher

Stamford Neighbourhood