Letter: Bring politicians into ‘reality’

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While I don’t always agree with everything in John Docker’s Senior Moment column, I recognise that it is usually a semi-satirical piece of journalism.

So I was surprised to see John Morgan’s ludicrous epithet when he critisised John Docker’s October 24 contribution to the Mercury.

Ludicrous means incongruous or absurdly amusing, whereas satire can often stimulate broader discussion of social or political questions such as the minimum wage, and it has clearly succeeded on that score.

However, neither of the John’s, Docker or Morgan, mentioned the massive effect of the black economy upon the so-called minimum wage or, indeed, the unforseen consequences of badly drafted employment legislation in recent decades.

Until the politicians and bureaucrats in the appropriate government departments are brought into the realms of reality and competence we could all argue about minimum wages, satirically or ludicrously, until the cows come home.

Brian Bruce

Bourne Road