Letter: Cats can bring a lot of benefits

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I am writing in reply to the letter from Meg Tasker complaining about the cat mess in her garden.

I have several elderly or troubled rescued cats. If possible I get them in before dark and let them out after 9am in the morning.

They have indoor litter trays and a large outdoor garden litter area yet they still occasionally go to other residents gardens to toilet.

If there was anything more I could do to prevent this I would but cats are free-spirited and roam the area around them.

As far the vast majority of dog owners are concerned I think Ms Tasker must be deluding herself to say they make sure there is no mess left anywhere by them.

I also have dogs and always carry bags with me to clean up after them.

I wish the same could be said of many of the others! The Meadows in Stamford is covered with dog mess left by irresponsible owners.

I presume Ms Tasker does not go out to work, she therefore feels entitled to own an animal.

Why does she think working people are not entitled to the pleasure and comfort one can gain from having a cat.

The working public do have a home life as well and it is a researched and recognised fact that stroking and enjoying the company of a cat greatly reduces stress levels.

Like the rest of us living in close proximity to one another there are things we just have to accept or move to a place where one has no neighbours.

Linda Neave

Caledonian Road,