Letter: Concern over legal challenge

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The Localisation Act was passed by Parliament in 2011 to promote more local influence on planning and development matters.

Uppingham Town Council task group meticulously drew up the Uppingham Neighbourhood Plan to help ensure that any future development would not compromise the character of such a beautiful, traditional market town, but would rather enhance it. We read that the plan’s legal validity is to be formally challenged by the Bourne property developer Larkfleet and it is extremely worrying to think that a developer can seek to undermine such local statutory rights for their own advantage.

The judicial review requested by Larkfleet will presumably be through the Administrative Court of the Queen’s Bench Division. Such a review will not be cheap, so we may wonder just how much extra profit Larkfleet hope to make (and by what means) if, by some travesty, the spirit of the Localisation Act is not upheld in the High Court.

Brian Bruce

Bourne Road,