Letter: Concerns about development

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Residents around the area where the new Stamford Football Ground were opposed to this being built. The reasons being:

1) There was already Blackstones nearby

2) The noise would be a nuisance

3) Lighting too near residents.

Many more reasons were put forward at a meeting at South Kesteven District Council but it fell on deaf ears and the application went through.

The views, which a lot of the residents enjoyed, are now a mud bank.

Now to cap it all they are going to have music events, discos and parties.

No one was aware that this was going to happen due to no notices put around the surrounding roads.

How crafty that a little piece was put in the Stamford Mercury.

Now the residents are worried because they are selling alcohol on the premises and the late night drinking that crime, litter, drink driving, public safety, noise is going to be a major problem.

Why is it that money counts, and those who do not have to suffer and live a way from it all do not care. I wonder if they would like it on their door step.

Also they need to look at the boundary area as it is a lot nearer to the residents houses than they let us know.

Barbara Prichard

Losecoat Close,