Letter: Delighted with Queen Eleanor

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I would like to say a huge thank-you to Ms Hamilton and her staff at Stamford Queen Eleanor School, as I just could not have hoped for my child to have had a better secondary school education.

When we were looking for a secondary school and chose Queen Eleanor, my criteria as a mother were very simple – I wanted my child to go to a school where he would flourish both academically and in himself and where he would feel happy.

My experience as a parent of a pupil who has studied for five years at Stamford Queen Eleanor School is this: 
My child always felt well cared for and never said or even hinted that he didn’t want to go to school; he has achieved exceptionally well academically and is now very confidently going on to study for his A-levels and then to university; and my child has high self-esteem and confidence.

He was offered places at every school/college he applied for to take his A-levels and is therefore going to his first choice.

I feel so lucky and wonder what more a parent could wish for?

My child will remember Stamford Queen Eleanor School with affection and happiness.

Thank you so much for setting him off in the right direction and on the right track!

Mrs Dearden

Conduit Road, Stamford