Letter: Does council have money to waste?

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My thanks go out to the road maintenance people currently serving The Deepings.

First, we were faced with weeks of detours around the road closure between Towngate and the bypass roundabout, for a path that should have taken days (and brilliantly has been curved around a lamp-post, rather than having the lamp-post in the middle of the path).

Then we had the excellent situation at the mini roundabout at the bottom of Godsey Lane. Three-way traffic lights were imposed, even though the eastwards section of the road was closed, rendering the traffic lights completely pointless. What a farce!

Does the council have a huge bucket of money that can be thrown liberally at roadworks for the fun of it?

How about ploughing that wasted money into the Deepings’ Library, instead?

Sophie Douglas

Waterton Close,
Deeping St James