Letter: Elections are your chance to make a difference

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Elections for the European Parliament take place this coming Thursday, May 22.

The European Parliament is the only part of the European Union (EU) system where you have a vote on who goes to Brussels to represent you.

The European Parliament has 751 members - MEPs. Direct elections for all of them take place across the EU next week. For instance German voters will elect 96 MEPs, UK 73 and Cyprus 6. UK voting is next Thursday.

Europeans respect our Monarchy, our military and our moderate views. Over many centuries we Brits have fought long wars paid for in our blood and our treasure to help keep a balance of power on their Continent. Over these centuries we jointly succeeded in avoiding the Ever Closer Union which would have ended in a dictatorship and the end of our civilisation.

Sadly the huge majority of the 751 MEPs now in the European Parliament believe with the certainty of the Spanish Inquisition that the Euro is wonderful. These zealots believe it is an essential step towards their demented dream of Ever Closer Union. MEPs with contrary views are considered mad heretics.

It cannot be comfortable being one of the minority in today’s European Parliament. Have some of our existing 73 UK MEPs quietly accepted that the Euro and Ever Closer Union are good ideas? If so, we deserve better.

Perhaps we need a team of UK MEPs who will resist the peer pressure and not go native.

The European Parliament election this coming Thursday gives you the chance to make a big difference. Please use your vote.

Egerton Gilman

Uffington Road,