Letter: Exeter Fields is not in our interests

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It appears that the developers of Exeter Fields have been selected by the landowners the Cecil Estate Family Trust.

How did the Cecil Estate get this land in the first place, and from whom? Over many years the Cecil/Burghley family have had far too much power in and around Stamford, it wasn’t a God given right. Most of the wealth and power in this country is owned by a minority, this is an example, who are able to ride roughshod over the rest of us. This developement is not being carried out in the interests of the inhabitants, no matter what they say. If the Cecil family is so concerned about our welfare, why don’t they develop Burghley Park, plenty of room close to the A1. With the stated need for more airports, like others, RAF Station Wittering could be developed, far better than Cottesmore, or would that upset a lot of our betters? I’m afraid the bottom line is money and profit. Whatever happened to democracy and common sense? We are up against politics, power and greed, the one thing this country has a surplus of.

T W Earl

Sutherland Way