Letter: Floods - We could learn from the Dutch

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Instead of spending a hundred million pounds on flood defences for the Somerset levels go to Michael O’Leary with one million and ask how many seats this would buy to the Netherlands.

Then fill those seats with farmers from around Britain and arrange for them to stay a month learning from the Dutch.

Holland isn’t on a flood plain, most of it is under one. Yet you never hear of houses being flooded.

The Dutch even know how to handle seawater. The North Sea would sometimes cause the Zuider Zee to flood, so the Dutch built a huge dyke across it, shore to shore.

That dyke now carries a two-lane highway. To the south there’s a vast lake, Ijsselmeer.

Flooding in the UK is being blamed on the Government, the Environment Agency, councils and farmers.

In reality most us are to blame.

Put down a concrete driveway and rain can’t soak into the ground, so this contributes to flooding.

I consider myself an expert on flooding, ever since my younger brother was drowned in a swollen river in Zimbabwe when I was 13.

Mike Fisher

(a former editor of South Africa’s Farmer’s Weekly)

Welland Close, Caldecott

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