Letter: Getting a ticket is a nightmare

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Speaking as somebody who lives in Barnack and who uses the long stay car parks reasonably often, it is an absolute nightmare trying to get a ticket.

The machines either do not work at all or swallow money without returning it, and no ticket is forthcoming.

You walk around the car park (is it a ploy to get us to exercise?) looking for a working machine, often to no avail. It is a red letter day when it is possible to get a ticket without any aggravation.

The council tell you to ring them or write a note and leave it in your car but that presupposes that you have either a mobile ‘phone or writing equipment about your person.

I have complained bitterly, both to the responsible department in Grantham via email and on one occasion visited the office in Maiden Lane.

I am told if none of the machines are working it is OK to park for free, but I am not prepared to risk a large fine. I think you will find that a lot of people have gripes about this problem and nobody at Grantham seems to want to do anything constructive.

It cost me £4 to park on Friday (I wanted an all day ticket but the first machine ate my £1 so I went to another one).

I understand they are supposed to be getting new machines, will it make any difference? It would be rather nice if, when all the machines are kaput somebody would put up a notice to say that parking is free, you can usually tell when there is a problem because there are so few cars in the car park.

If they want to encourage tourists they should make sure the car parks are user friendly.

Heather Cooke

Main Street,