Letter: Give firefighters more support

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Come on people who live in our lovely County what is the matter with you?

When the firemen are on strike over their pensions why not show them your support and respect. 
Would you like to have to do their job ‘til you are 60? I think not. Living near the fire station as I do, I do not hear many of you peep or wave to them. You would all be pleased to see them turn up in their big red engine when you needed them, so please please please show them your support and respect. They risk their lives for us all, they work hard and train hard. Methinks you need the Rutland Horseshoe imprinted on your backsides to wake you up. The decision to strike is never taken lightly. So come on folk and show them you care. Why should they have to strike for what they have worked for?

Margaret Knowles

South Street,