Letter: Have Lincolnshire councillors got priorities right?

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As one of the 9,000 Council Tax payers who struggled to save Deepings’ Library, I would like to use your letter page to ask Lincolnshire councillors who have just voted themselves a pay rise if they really feel they have their priorities right.

I believed that the first duties of a local politician were to serve his or her community and to spend our tax money on our local services, which contribute to the well-being of the people of the local area. It seems that our present representatives (or many of them) see their responsibilities to be, instead, to line their own pockets and to swell the council’s coffers and to do so by cutting the services we have paid to get. To destroy the professional library services of a community of 18,000 people in order to spend those people’s money on pay rises and hoarding (I believe £12m in the last tax year alone) is surely more than we should be asked to bear?


Church Street, 
Deeping St James