Letter: Have your say on boundary plans

Have your say

South Kesteven District Council has proposed that the names of the current electoral wards in Stamford be changed as part of a review by the Boundary Commission together with the loss of one district councillor representative for St John’s ward.

Stamford Town Council disagrees with this proposal, and I would ask all Stamford residents to join us by placing their vote on the town council website. Just key in Stamford Town Council, and the first page to appear lists Proposed Boundary Changes in blue.

If you then go to the bottom of the comprehensive information provided on that page you will find you can post a comment to agree/disagree with the proposed recommendations by the district council.

I checked the website last week and to date only 13 people have done so, which effectively means no-one disagrees.

Please use your democratic rights to ensure Stamford gets what it wants, not what the district council thinks it wants.

Tony Story

Stamford town councillor