Letter: I’m preaching to the converted

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I immediately empathised with John Docker’s comments on the “Euro-idiots” who are banning high powered domestic appliances.

John rightly says that they haven’t done the maths, since a lower-powered appliance will obviously take more time to achieve the same work required and use at least the same energy.

Sadly, idiocy is not the prerogative of the Euro-idiots. We have our own home-grown variety of bureau-idiots, eg the councillors who decided (for “health reasons”) to remove all 15-hole salt-shakers from their local chip shops and replace them, at local tax-payers’ expense, with five-hole salt-shakers. The predictable “healthy” result was that customers took three times as long to season their chips to the flavour they wanted. The mathematically-challenged morons who impose such lunacy upon us are totally devoid of commonsense and completely out of touch with reality, but I suspect I am preaching to the converted.

Brian Bruce

Bourne Road,