Letter: I question MP’s motives over call for free parking

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What are we to make of Nick Boles’ new-found commitment to free parking in Stamford and Bourne, and his petition?

UKIP is taking votes from the Tory right, Labour is picking up support from more left-leaning Liberal Democrat voters, and there is always the possibility of an Independent standing.

Suddenly Nick Boles’ safe seat from which to base his career in Westminster is looking like a three or four-way marginal. Anything could happen.

And if he loses it, his party will not be very keen to give him another one. This looks like a cynical attempt to get support.

And why has the petition got Mr Boles’ photo all over it? I have been involved politically for more than 30 years.

I have collected for many petitions in that time and signed a lot more.

But I have never, ever, seen a petition with the organiser’s photo on it.

It seems to be all about Nick Boles, rather than about what to pay when you park your car.

I also note that the petition only exists online. Presumably, this is so Mr Boles can collect signatures without having to actually set foot in the constituency.

And yet . . . e ven a clock that has stopped is right twice a day. Maybe, at last, Mr Boles’ minute has come.

Some of us have been saying for years that Stamford needs to get free parking, and Bourne should be allowed to keep the free parking it has already got.

That way the smaller shops and market stalls can compete with the supermarkets.

No town which has regenerated itself in the last 20 years has done it without getting the car parking right, and surely it is Stamford’s turn.

I do not trust Mr Boles’ motives, and I shall not be signing his petition, but it is good to see him come round to a sensible point of view.

John Morgan

Harrowby Road,