Letter: Inconsiderate and poor planning

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Because of the inconvenience caused by the work on the level crossing in the Deepings, I have sent the following letter to Railtrack:

Whilst I do accept that level crossings have to be closed from time to time I have a few queries about the work currently being carried out on the Peterborough to Lincoln Railway as follows:

1) Why is the work causing the level crossing at Deeping St James to be closed for such a long period?

2) Why is it considered to be necessary to close the adjacent level crossings at Deeping St James and Deeping St Nicholas at the same time? This combined closure leaves anyone in Market Deeping and Deeping St James who wishes to travel eastwards having to make an extremely long diversion.

3) I have tried to find information about the dates and times of these closures online, but have failed to find any such information on your website or any other.

Why does Railtrack not post on its website the dates and times of level crossing closures?

This would not be hard to do and would help travellers in their planning of journeys.

As an ex-chartered engineer I can only see these problems being due to poor and inconsiderate project planning. I write as an individual, but also as a town councillor in Market Deeping.

Coun Rev Dr Mike Bossingham

Wade Park Avenue,
Market Deeping