Letter: Keep Stamford Meadows open and free

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It has been claimed that ‘the Meadows were granted to the people of Stamford in the 19th century as a “free unenclosed space”’ ie free for all to pass through unimpeded.

If this is right, then the Town Council can certainly and usefully rent out mown areas of the Meadows for events, but Stamford people and the town guests cannot be charged for entry to ‘designated areas’, eg the huge area allotted to the admirable Antiques Fair recently. Access must remain open and uncharged, the rental being raised in advance by the organisers (from those offering their wares for sale or those partaking). There is, for example, no charge for the Dog Show, which is in the open, and thus makes the point I have raised.

In a previous year I remember the main footpath (across to the Cattle Market car park) being closed off during the Music Festival, an extreme example.

David de Gale

All Saints Street,