Letter: Labour government to blame for country’s woes

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I refer to E. Goodyer’s letter last week calling upon the LibDems to collapse the coalition Government.

I cannot help but wonder on which planet Mr Goodyer has been living during the Blair/Brown years? The last administration, by its reckless spending, brought this country to its knees, recording the greatest deficit since the Second World War.

I think that it is plain to see that Labour governments, in the past, have been utterly irresponsible in their spending, leaving the incoming government to clear up their mess.

Never has the mess been so great and, as the coalition government, has warned us, we will all suffer as a result until we get back on our feet again.

Should the LibDems bring down the coalition, then what alternative Government does Mr Goodyer suggest replaces it? I cannot believe that he would advocate bringing back Milliband and his failed ex ministers, barely six months after they were thrown out of Government!

It is well proven that we cannot spend our way out of recession, as they propose and I’m not convinced, myself, that with the recent set of National Statistics, we are heading for a double dip recession.

I think that David Cameron has made a fair start, despite constant whingeing by the opposition, who, let us not forget, are responsible for getting us into such a state.

I certainly do not agree with everything the coalition has proposed or done so far, but it is early days. We should give it a fair chance in its mammoth task.

I do not believe the coalition government has all the answers, but its policies are a better bet, in my opinion, than the policies of an already failed administration.

Finally, I feel deeply concerned for school leavers, who face the prospect of no job, the unemployed and those struggling already to meet their commitments. This area has already been badly hit by the closure of both Cottesmore airbase and Ashwell Prison.

Nonetheless, one thing that I am sure of is that the last few years of Labour government have been largely responsible for the condition that we find ourselves in today.

There is no easy way out of this and bringing down the coalition government is most certainly not the answer. We have to face it, the next few years are going to be very tough indeed for most of us.

Robert Walker

Main Street,