Letter: Let’s see evidence of your ‘open mind’

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As someone who has been campaigning to save Deepings Library, I read with interest the September 5 article in the Rutland and Stamford Mercury.

In your article you quote Nick Worth as saying: “As ever, we will move forward with an open mind.”

Can I remind Coun Worth that so far he has not handled the library cuts with an “open mind”. At the Judicial Review the judge ruled that the original consultation was flawed because the Executive of Lincolnshire County Council had decided what they were going to do before going out to consultation. Nick Worth and the rest of the Executive refused to listen to any other proposals that were put forward, and the Expression of Interest from Greenwich Leisure was dismissed out of hand.

Why does Coun Worth keep referring to “the willingness of communities and volunteers.” Friends of Deeping Library, along with many other groups in Lincolnshire, were bullied into volunteering to run libraries by the threat of closure from Nick Worth and the Executive. We were not willing volunteers.

These bullying tactics have caused resentment and ill feeling towards Lincolnshire County Council, and by regurgitating the same rhetoric over and over again, Nick Worth is making the situation worse.

During the so called Consultation it became obvious that the residents of Lincolnshire did not like the plan being put forward by LCC, and did not want it. But Coun Worth states it is still the preferred option. Has he learned nothing from the Judicial Review? As an elected representative he should be listening to the electorate, and acting accordingly, not dictating to them.

Confidence in the Executive at Lincolnshire County Council is now at an all time low, and it is time they all resigned, before the electorate vote them out of office.

Andrew Bowell

Burchnall Close,
Deeping St James