Letter: Make haste and donate

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I have recently donated my 75th pint of blood at Bourne,

which was one of my proudest moments.

If there are any people out there who are wondering, could I, should I, the answer is yes, you could and should.

You will not meet a more dedicated group of nurses etc, who are always friendly and always dedicated to their work. Many of them travel a long way to do their work and often arrive home late.

So please don’t dither, make their work worthwhile. After all for just half-an- hour of your day three times a year, you could help to save someone’s life and also you will know that your blood is OK.

I also hope my blood will not be needed for all the cyclists, young and old, who continue to ride their cycles without lights – especially paper boys and girls.

It is cheap enough to buy lights and even reflective gear. If only someone would pass a law which no paper boy or girl should be employed unless they have at least lights. Perhaps a fine for the shop owners or parents might be appropriate.


St John’s Close,